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"He's a male? He's a tomcat?"
"Yeah, I think so."
"Oh, wonderful. Please tell me he's been fixed, at least."
"Have you been fixed, Flutter McKitty? Why do we care?"
"Because pound for pound, a tomcat is like one of the toughest, most dangerous little things around."
Cassie and Rachel[src]

Fluffer McKitty is a tomcat belonging to Melissa Chapman.


"Nobody got hurt. Nobody was home. Not even Fluffer McNutter or whatever that stupid cat's name is."
"Fluffer McKitty."
"Oh. Excuse me. Fluffer McKitty. That's so much better. Anyway, they're all fine. Melissa, her parents, her cat."
Marco and Rachel[src]

Fluffer McKitty is a tomcat that Hedrick Chapman purchased for his daughter Melissa as a birthday present. Fluffer was not neutered and was both an indoor and an outdoor cat; a kitty door was installed in the front door of the Chapman Residence and Fluffer was allowed to come and go as he pleased. As a result, Fluffer often spent his nights wandering the neighborhood and hunting for prey. During one such nightly excursion, when he was trying to hunt a mouse, he was approached by Cassie and Rachel. When Rachel tried to pet him, Fluffer left three bloody scratches on her hand before jumping up into a tree. Minutes later, Fluffer noticed a shrew on the ground and pounced down to kill it, only to be snagged out of mid-air by Marco. Fluffer then clawed at Marco before he was caught by Jake, who stuffed Fluffer into a cat carrier with Marco and Cassie's help. Despite Fluffer clawing at all three of them enough to make them bleed, he quieted down as soon as he was in the carrier and fell asleep. He was then acquired by Rachel before the Animorphs released him back into the street. A few nights later, Fluffer was tormenting a rat out on the street. He was soon attacked by Tobias in his red-tailed hawk form, who clawed him above the head and chased him. Fluffer then decided to run back to the Chapman Residence and noticed Mr. Chapman carrying a cat carrier. Fluffer then leaped onto the carrier and tried to claw his way in when he noticed an identical cat inside the carrier who smelled the same as him. Melissa then picked up Fluffer while the hawk flew away.[2]


  • While Fluffer is described in The Visitor as being black and white in patches, the inside cover of the original release shows a gray cat. The 2011 re-release cover shows a black and white cat in accordance with the book's description.


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