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Flea Morph

Jake in flea morph

"I went ahead and did the flea morph. They're gross, mostly blind, bloodsucking, brainless little things, but have you ever tried to kill one? You could swat it all day and it would just laugh."

The flea is an immensely minuscule creature, native to Earth, used by the Animorphs for mainly reconnaissance or infiltration purposes.


"I squeezed the flea carefully between my fingers. I focused on the flea. Yes! It might just work. We had very few animals that small on my own world. Perhaps the same was true of the Yeerks. The Visser would not expect me to morph something so tiny. In which case, I might have one slim chance. I had morphed a fly. And I had morphed an ant. But as small as they were, they were not small enough. An ant is far larger than a flea. Many times larger. But a flea is nearly invisible. It was time to get very small."

The flea was first acquired by Jake in The Visitor and was the first insect morph acquired by the Animorphs.[1] Cassie acquired a flea in The Capture,[2][3] while Ax acquired one of the fleas on his body in The Andalite's Gift.[4] In The Threat, Rachel, Tobias, Marco and David acquired fleas.[5]


"A flea can't see much really, just an impression of light or dark. Not my favorite morph. But if you want to hide out, unnoticed, on a human body, you can't beat the flea. And with practice you can learn to understand speech from the distant, distorted vibrations that reach your quivering antennae."

The flea was the preferred insect morph for the Animorphs, due to its incredibly miniature size. However, while the morph was useful for remaining hidden, the Animorphs were unable to hear or see while in flea morph. The morph was first used very early on, when Jake acquired and morphed into a flea to hide on Rachel's back (she was in cat morph); the idea came to the Animorphs when Rachel made a flippant remark about one of them morphing fleas to have someone secretly tag along with her.[1] Not too long after, Jake became infested by a Yeerk named Temrash 114, at which point Cassie morphed into a flea to secretly be on Jake's body without the Yeerk knowing.[2] Shortly after, Ax was kidnapped by the Veleek and kept captive on Visser Three's Blade ship. Suffering from a flea infestation at the time, Ax acquired one of his fleas and morphed into it in order to escape captivity.[4]

Months later, the rest of the team acquired flea morphs as used them to ride on the back of Jake's dragonfly morph, although the Animorphs were nearly killed when Cassie, who had been drinking Jake's blood, had one of his blood cells return to human size while she was absorbing blood, causing her flea body to pop. During that same mission, Marco was nearly stuck in flea morph, although he was able to successfully demorph.[5] Despite this, the flea continued to be used as the Animorphs' favorite insect morph. By the very end of the war, Rachel was finally able to understand speech while in flea morph, which she accredited to the sheer amount of times they had morphed into fleas.[6]


Known Morphers



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