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"We have many tales, we Hork-Bajir, of Father Deep. Father Deep and Mother Sky gave birth to us, their children. Mother Sky gives us air and light. Father Deep gives us soil and water. Both are necessary for the trees that sustain us. But Father Deep is also the place from which monsters come. No Hork-Bajir has ever entered Father Deep and lived to tell of it. Now we were entering the Deep. We had passed the zone of bright bushes and distorted flowers at the edge of the Deep. No trees grew here. But things still lived, even now, with the blue mist all around us, concealing us from our pursuers."
Dak Hamee[src]

Father Deep is the unfathomable deepest reaches of the terrifying valleys of the Hork-Bajir homeworld, and believed by the Hork-Bajir to be one of their two creators, alongside Mother Sky.


"Father Deep. That's what the Hork-Bajir called it. They thought it was the land of monsters, below the mist."

According to their beliefs, the valley known as Father Deep is credited as the one that provides the Hork-Bajir with soil and water. While the Hork-Bajir believe Father Deep played a hand in their making, the Hork-Bajir also have stories of him as an entity that creates many terrifying monsters that dwell at the bottom of the valley.