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"There was no Father. No mind at all. He was nothing but a sponge, in the end. A creature of the simplest biology, an accident of evolution: a predator sponge that linked with its prey. Father was nothing but his victims. And-when I had absorbed and cut him off from all of his victims, Father was nothing more than so much seaweed."
―The Ellimist[src]

Father was a gigantic, many-tentacled sea creature that enveloped entirety on a small water-filled moon. The last surviving members of the Ketran race traveled to Father's moon while searching for a habitable planet. As soon as the Ketran ship was close enough, Father grabbed them and killed all but one, a Ketran named Toomin.


"I am Father. I am the life of this planet. All that is here comes from me, belongs to me, is a part of me. All power is mine."
"What do you want with me?"
"It's is lonely with only the dead for company. I want to play a game, Ellimist."
―Father and the Ellimist[src]

Father kept Toomin alive as an opponent with which to play games. Father's knowledge was extensive, because he had already absorbed the minds of many dead people from many races who had come to the moon. Toomin, trapped but kept alive by one of Father's tentacles, was forced to play games that he had no chance of winning.

Father's demise finally came when Toomin won a game based on creativity. The goal was to make music with an alien instrument. Father, being essentially a sponge of information, had no real creativity and could only mimic what he had seen and heard. Toomin, on the other hand, was creative enough to win the music game, and to win more games by using his imagination. Eventually, Toomin began to acquire the information of the dead races that Father had accumulated. Finally, there was nothing left of Father but an empty sponge. Toomin was able to use his knowledge to escape the moon, which was now devoid of all life.

Races Absorbed by the Father[]