Face Off is a 3-part episode in the Animorphs TV show. Unlike other episodes of the TV Series, this one is not based directly on any book. It features a new kind of Yeerk that doesn't need Kandrona rays. It also reveals the nature of the Andalite disc from the first few episodes.


Part 1Edit

At the basketball final, the Animorphs discover that all of their enemies will be in one place, so they must be cunning in their tactics. However, a plan goes horribly wrong as Jake is trapped. The Animorphs must now split up to find the disk and free Jake!

Morphs Used

Morphable Character Morph
Jake Lizard
Rachel Mouse
Tobias Human
Cassie Mouse
Ax Human

Part 2Edit

The Animorphs are separated from each other with enemies everywhere. Rachel may have saved Tobias, but Jake is still in Tom's clutches. The remaining Animorphs are close to being infested by the Yeerks. While dodging Yeerks, they have to rescue Jake as well.

Morphs Used

Morphable Character Morph
Jake Lizard, Tom
Rachel Yeerk
Tobias Human
Ax Human

Part 3Edit

The infestation continues as Visser Three tries to figure out which one is the real Tom. Rachel, still inside Tobias as a Yeerk, is getting very mad because she does not want to stay in the Yeerk morph any longer.

Meanwhile, Cassie and Ax are rapidly approaching the infestation pier. Ax only has minutes left before he has to demorph, and he's next in line for the new Yeerk. Cassie is helpless as a human, but she can't morph in front of the Controllers.

Marco is the only one who can do anything to help all the other Animorphs, he finds out that Jake has morphed Tom, and he destroys all the special Yeerks, Jake (in Tom morph) reacts to the screams of the Yeerks and run in to check on them, while Visser Three and his Human Controllers take away the real Tom. Everyone hears the alarms, Cassie and Ax escape while Ax morphs back to an Andalite in a hidden place. Marco morphs a cockroach and dodges boulders crashing to the ground, to get out, as Jake as Tom is also trying to get out.

As all the Animorphs escape, Jake wasn’t out yet, so they had to search for him. The real Tom escaped, and Cassie found Jake.

Morphs Used 

Morphable Character Morph
Jake Tom
Rachel Yeerk
Tobias Human
Ax Human



Yeerks & ControllersEdit



VHS ReleasesEdit

Face off parts 1 and 2 australian vhs 1.7 summaries

Face Off Part 1 and Part 2 summaries on the back of Australian VHS 1.7


  • Volume 1.7 ("Face Off" Parts 1 and 2)


  • These three episodes make references to several books, despite being entirely new material written for the series. Among these are The Change (Tobias receiving his morphing power again), it also contains elements of The Sickness (Rachel morphing into a Yeerk, although in the book itself it's actually Cassie who does so) however this episode came before the book was published so any similarity is pure coincidence, and at a stretch, The Encounter (Animorphs getting stuck halfway between morphs)
  • Face Off Part 2 ended Season 1 on a cliffhanger, that would pick up again with Face Off Part 3 premiering as the first episode in Season 2. However, Face Off Parts 1 and 2 did not air in the US initially as part of Season 1, only in Canada.[1] When Face Off finally aired in the US, it was as a three-part "movie". [2]
  • Face Off Parts 1 and 2 were the last episodes to be released on VHS in Australia.


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