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"I shouldn't have helped you. Even if it did lead to open war, I shouldn't have helped you. You filthy, evil thing. I thought I'd found something decent inside you. I thought you were a mother, too."
―Eva to Edriss 562[src]

Eva is Marco's mother and the former host to Edriss 562.


Family Life

Eva is Hispanic, described as having dark skin, long "movie star" hair, and dark brown eyes. Marco comments on how similar to each other they look. Eva was born in an unspecified Latin American country and immigrated to the USA at some point before Marco's birth. She is bilingual, as her mother, Marco's grandmother, speaks only Spanish.[1] Eva married Peter and eventually gave birth to a son, Marco.

Infested by Edriss 562

"I had taken this final host because, at least unconsciously, I wanted to know the life I could never really know. The love of a spouse, an equal. The love of a child. But none of it had ever really touched me. I’d had my fling with humanity. I was Yeerk once more. I was Visser One."
Edriss 562[src]

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Officially Declared Dead

"Let me at least say good-bye, let me hold him one last time, let me kiss him, oh my God, no, no, don't do this!"
―Eva to Edriss 562[src]

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Encountering Marco

"Obviously your host mind is giving you some trouble. I'm sure you are aware that your host body is the biological son of my own host body."
"Yes, Visser."
"You must learn to control your host more completely. My own host is in here creating an awful racket. But I do not let her weeping and wailing disturb me."
Edriss 562 and Marco[src]

Marco and the Animorphs discovered that Eva was in fact alive when the Animorphs were attacked and captured after a failed attempt to hijack a Yeerk Bug fighter. The Animorphs were present when Visser Three proudly showed off that he had captured the supposed "Andalite bandits." Visser One secretly helped free the Animorphs in an effort to embarrass Visser Three. After escaping the Yeerk ship, Marco makes Jake promise that he will not tell the other Animorphs that Eva is still alive.[2] Although Jake kept his promise, Marco is forced to reveal the truth about his mother on a mission on Royan Island. Visser One was put in charge of a project to genetically engineer Hammerhead Shark-Controllers to aid in the Yeerk invasion of Leera.

Animorphs 30 The Reunion inside cover only

Marco in roach morph on a nightstand as Eva/Visser One looks into a mirror.

After the Animorphs take down an underwater facility, Marco stops the other Animorphs from killing Eva by telling them that she is his mother. Visser One was caught in an explosion in the facility, and Marco fears the worst although Rachel claimed to hear a submarine escaping from the destruction.[3]

Temporary Freedom

"You can walk away now, Mom, we can get you out of here. You could move somewhere far away, disappear. We can make it happen. We have the power. We have allies... friends, who have the money it would take."
"We each fight this war in our own way, Marco."
―Eva and Marco[src]

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"A waving hand caught my eye. Down the slope, near a group of Hork-Bajir flashing blades in welcome, was one smiling human. Dad. I didn't say anything. Neither did my mother. She just took off down the slope like a woman who hadn't seen her husband in months and months and months.... It was a movie cliche. It was lovers reunited. It was the dream I'd had ever since I knew my mother was alive. Dad opened his arms and she tumbled into them. They embraced. They held each other for a long, long time."

Eva was finally freed from her Yeerk when Marco successfully killed Visser One, who is escaping from his mother's brain. Eva is then reunited with her husband, Peter, who is in hiding from the Yeerks in the Hork-Bajir valley. [4]

Aiding the Animorphs

"You're a parent and a soldier. Learn to follow orders. Learn to respect experience."
"Okay, fine. Eva, you used to be a big shot in the Yeerk organization. You know how the enemy thinks. What they're likely to do. And you're old enough to drive. I'll accept your word."
"There's only one enemy Visser One respects. And fears. And that's Jake. He needs to be our leader."
―Eva and Naomi[src]

Because of Eva's long years as a host of Edriss 562, she has retained massive amounts of information about the Yeerk conquest of Earth, as well as insights of the enemy, which proves to be invaluable to the Animorphs in the final stages of the war. Eva, along with Toby Hamee, is included in several of the war councils the Animorphs hold, and is respected by the Animorphs due to her extensive amounts of Yeerk knowledge.


"At least now you'll die and I'll be free."
"You'll die too, human. What freedom is there in death?"
"I'll be free of you."
―Eva and Edriss 562[src]

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  • In the TV series, Eva is named Laura.
  • She is also referred to as 'Laura' on earlier promotional items, such as on Marco's Antioch Animorphs ID card.


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