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"I love you, Edriss. And I love these small humans. Our children."
―Essam 293[src]

Essam 293 was a former Sub-Visser who accompanied Edriss 562 on her journey to Earth. On Earth, he formed a partnership with his human host Hildy Gervais and formed an attraction to Edriss and her host Allison Kim, causing the four to marry and conceive two children, Darwin and Madra, using their host bodies. Essam eventually rejected the Yeerk Empire, preferring to live as a human, although the lack of Kandrona Rays caused him to begin dying. While trying to escape from Hildy's ear, he was prematurely pulled out by Edriss, causing the lower half of Essam to fuse with Hildy's nerves, affecting Hildy's mental health.


Early Life

"I had chosen him carefully. He was a Yeerk of narrow expertise: a pilot and technician. He had at one point risen to the rank of sub-visser. But he had suffered demotion for an incident of poor judgment. While on patrol he had allowed a handful of Hork-Bajir to escape aboard a neutral Desbadeen ship. A Yeerk who failed to understand that diplomatic niceties like "neutrality" were nonsense was unfit for command. I had sensed this peculiar weakness in Essam, this confusion of purpose. This lack of serious ambition. That made him perfect for my purposes. I needed a competent servant, not a competitor."
Edriss 562[src]

Essam 293 was born prior to 1966[1] on the Sulp Niar pool on the Yeerk homeworld.[2] In 1966, many of the Yeerks in the Sulp Niar pool were loaded onto a stolen Andalite ship by a small army of Yeerks who wished to expand to the cosmos and conquer other species and territories,[3] with Essam being one of the Yeerks who joined the exodus.[1] Essam then joined the Yeerk Empire and became a formidable pilot and technician. His prowess earned him a promotion to Sub-Visser although he was demoted after allowing valuable Hork-Bajir hosts to escape. The demoted Essam subsequently felt lost and suffered from a lack of purpose, and thus was chosen by Edriss 562 as a subordinate she would require during her voyage to Earth.[2]

Traveling to Earth

"I went to the female and swiftly, easily now that I had experience, took control of her. A few minutes later Essam took the man. Thus I became female. And Essam became male. And when the "cops" arrived they found nothing suspicious. Our two Hork-Bajir hosts had disappeared. Their atoms scattered in the atmosphere of Earth by our Dracon beams. We had, in the human expression, burned our bridges."
Edriss 562[src]

Edriss 562 and Essam first landed on Earth in early 1991, during the Gulf War. While landing in the Middle East, Essam and Edriss witnessed the war between the U.S. Army and the Middle Eastern forces. After infesting one of the Middle Eastern soldiers, Edriss decided that the United States of America was the country where the Yeerk Empire would make its conquest and that they should head there as soon as possible.

Essam and Edriss eventually made their way to Hollywood, where they encountered two humans, a woman named Jenny Lines and a man named Lowenstein. Edriss chose Jenny while Essam was left to infest Lowenstein, after which the two Yeerks used their Dracon beams to vaporize their former Hork-Bajir hosts.[2]

Human Life

"Essam had found and taken the human Hildy Gervais. He was often away, passing as a true human. He was gaining tremendous experience. Insight. And I got the impression that he enjoyed his human occupation."
Edriss 562[src]

After infesting Lowenstein, his first human host, Essam enjoyed learning about human society and culture. As Lowenstein was a television producer with influence and affluence, Essam retained the host, living as Lowenstein. As Lowenstein, Essam continued film production, eventually hosting a studio party at Lowenstein's house, where Edriss 562 spotted Allison Kim, whom she took as her new host. Shortly after, Essam encountered Hildy Gervais and desired him as a host, and conspired with Edriss to eliminate Lowenstein, although not before emptying Lowenstein's bank accounts and transferring the funds to their new host bodies.

As Hildy, Essam gained a further wealth of information, experience and insight. Essam began to enjoy living as a human, as did Edriss, who was living as Allison, with the two Yeerks forming a semi-voluntary partnership with their hosts. Hildy and Allison became romantically attracted to one another, with Essam developing feelings for Edriss. The pair eventually began dating, having candlelit dinners before professing their love for one another and getting married. With Edriss now his wife, Essam and Edriss decided to have children using their host bodies, and conceived a son named Darwin and a daughter named Madra, whom he came to love as well.


"Essam was trying to emerge from the right ear. He was halfway out, escaping the host in the moment of death, as instinct tells us to do. I grabbed him and pulled him the rest of the way. But he was still more attached than I'd thought. I suppose death had already reached part of his body. I held half a Yeerk in my hand. He moved very little, then he stopped moving altogether."
Edriss 562[src]

After a whole year, Essam and Edriss 562 faced a crisis when their scout ship's onboard Kandrona begin to fail. Edriss realized she had been focusing on enjoying her human life for a year and reignited her former desire to conquer Earth; she then contacted the Yeerk Empire, outlining her plan for the invasion of Earth and the creation of The Sharing, and received a new Kandrona generator. Edriss then informed Essam of her decision, which angered Essam as he did not want to turn to the Empire for help, having discarded his Yeerk identity and opting to "become human." Edriss informed Essam that they would have to kill Allison Kim and Hildy Gervais but that they would adopt their children using their new host bodies. Essam refused to kill Allison or Hildy, prompting Edriss to retrieve a Dracon beam and threaten to kill the children as well, reminding Essam that they were Yeerks and that she desired to become a full visser. Eager to protect her children, Allison resisted Edriss's control long enough for Essam to overpower her. Essam then forced Edriss to free Allison, placing Edriss within her alternate host, Lore David Altman, while Essam/Hildy fled with Allison and the children.

However, the children developed a fever, prompting Essam and Allison to bring them to a hospital. Edriss managed to locate her children's name on a hospital database and made her way there, where she encountered a dying Essam, starving from lack of Kandrona rays. As Essam began to flee from Hildy's body, Edriss prematurely pulled him out, ripping his body in two and causing the latter half to become fuse with Hildy's brain, rendering Hildy psychotic and causing him to attack Edriss/Lore. The altercation was witnessed by hospital staff and security guards, and Hildy was held for psychiatric evaluation, forced to live the rest of his life with dead Yeerk tissue in his brain.[2]


"It went beyond the children, can't you see that? He was in love."
"With whom?"
"Allison Kim... his own host, Hildy Gervais... Humans. He was in love with it all. He was in love with love. He had gone over. He had become human, in some way."
"And he chose to die rather than surrender his humanity. And still, you think you will conquer us?"
Edriss 562 and Eva[src]

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