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"My notions of proper behavior had brought disaster. I was a fool. A silly child living out storybook notions of decency and fairness. There was no decency in war. Alloran had tried to teach me that. I'd learned it too late."

Prince Elfangor-Sirinial-Shamtul was an Andalite warrior who gave the Animorphs the power to morph. He was the husband of Loren, the father of Tobias and the older brother of Aximili-Esgarrouth-Isthill.

In 1976, Elfangor was placed under War-Prince Alloran-Semitur-Corrass' command and assigned with intercepting a Skrit Na ship containing two kidnapped humans, a boy named Chapman and a girl named Loren, and return them to Earth after wiping their memories. However, after Alloran discovered that the Skrit Na had found the Time Matrix, the team went to the Taxxon homeworld to retrieve it. During this mission, Elfangor met the Yeerk Esplin 9466 and knocked out Alloran when he ordered him to kill several unhosted Yeerks. However, this action allowed Esplin to infest Alloran, resulting in the first Andalite-Controller.

No longer wishing to participate in the war, Elfangor, alongside Loren, with whom he had fallen in love with, used the Time Matrix to travel to California on Earth. Burying the Time Matrix in a forest, Elfangor then decided to live as a human after trapping himself in morph, going by the name Alan "Al" Fangor. Becoming a computer software engineer, he advanced human technology by using his knowledge to help Microsoft and Apple develop their computer operating programs.

By 1980, Elfangor married Loren and the pair conceived a son, who was to be named Tobias. However, Elfangor was reverted back to his Andalite form by a god-like figure known as the Ellimist, who then returned him to space and forced him to resume fighting in the war. He then spent the next several years gaining several accolades and was promoted to the rank of Prince. His galactic exploits earned him a legendary status among both his people and the Yeerks. During this time, Elfangor also met his much younger brother Aximili and became his role model.

In 1997, Elfangor returned to California, intending to use the Time Matrix to rewrite history. However, the forest had since become an abandoned construction site, where he landed. The injured Elfangor met five human teenagers and recognized one of them as being Tobias.[5] Elfangor then informed them about the Yeerks' invasion and gave them the power to morph. Moments later, Elfangor was reunited with Esplin 9466, who then morphed into an Antarean Bogg and ate Elfangor alive, killing him.


Early Life

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Quest for the Time Matrix

Meeting Loren and Chapman

As an aristh, Elfangor was sent on a mission to rescue two humans from the Skrit Na. Although the plan was initially to simply to return them back to Earth and their memories erased, the discovery of the Time Matrix resulted in their return being delayed.[1]

Taxxon Homeworld Infiltration

This allowed Elfangor and Loren time to develop a deeper, closer bond. Not long after, Elfangor left the war after having his faith shattered, and he came to Earth with Loren.[1]

Creating a New Universe

Elfangor fully body hi res

Elfangor as an aristh

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Life as a Human

Arriving in California,[6], when Elfangor was on Earth, he performed a Frolis Maneuver, morphed into a human, purposely became a nothlit and assumed the alias of "Alan Fangor". Soon after returning to Earth, Elfangor and Loren were married and together they conceived a child, Tobias. However, Elfangor was eventually returned to the war by the Ellimist. The Ellimist also apparently erased Loren's memory of her life with him while leaving the newly-conceived Tobias still in existence.[1]

Return to War

Becoming Prince

After Elfangor was returned to Andalite form and placed back in Andalite space by the Ellimist, he returned to military service. Elfangor was quickly promoted from the rank of aristh to Prince, for ramming the Blade ship of Visser Three with a small fighter ship and disabling it, thus saving an Andalite Dome ship.[1]

Galactic Exploits

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Return to Earth

Meeting Tobias

"And I, desperate enough to break my own vow, took my damaged fighter down to the planet, looking for the place where I had long ago hidden the Time Matrix. By the time I landed I was too weak from my injuries to even think about finding the Time Matrix. It was buried beneath the concrete foundation of a half-finished building. What had once been peaceful forest was now a construction site. I lay there dying, knowing that Visser Three would pursue me. Knowing that this time, at long last, he would win over me. And that's when five human children, no older than Loren had been when I first met her, came by. Three boys and two girls. Scared at the sight of me. But not so scared that they ran away. One of them seemed especially drawn to me. And when I saw his face, I knew why. He could only be Loren's son. My son."

In 1997,[7] Elfangor joined the Andalite fleet tasked with fighting the Yeerk forces around Earth's orbit.[1] Elfangor was stationed on the Dome ship GalaxyTree under the command of Captain Nerefir. Due to Elfangor's war hero status, his younger brother Aximili was allowed to join the mission, despite the fact that he was an aristh.[2] They fought against Bug fighters and the prestigious Pool ship when the Andalite forces were ambushed by Visser Three's Blade ship, which had been hiding in a crater of Earth's moon.[8]

As the Dome ship was fired upon, Elfangor headed to the bridge[2] before getting into his personal fighter.[1] He then shredded several Yeerk fighters.[8] As the Dome ship exploded and his Andalite allies were massacred,[2] Elfangor decided to use the Time Matrix to change reality.[2] Elfangor, who was suffered from a fatal burn wound on the right side of his body, flew his fighter, which was being fired upon by the Yeerks, towards Earth,[8] specifically towards the forest[1] in California[6] where he had buried the Time Matrix.[1]

However, the forest had since become a construction site, and Elfangor crash-landed on the site, a few feet[9] or yards from the half-constructed building under which the Time Matrix was hidden. Realizing he was dying and that Visser Three would soon be here, he mused that the Visser would kill him.[1] Elfangor became aware that five human teenagers, consisting of three boys and two girls, were standing outside his ship, having witnessed his crash landing, and overheard one of them inform him that he could come out and that they wouldn't hurt him. Elfangor responded that he knew they wouldn't before exiting his fighter. As he stepped out, however, Elfangor collapsed and fell onto the ground due to his fatal burn wound. The boy who had asked him to come out rushed to Elfangor's side to help him,[8] and upon seeing his face, Elfangor noted his resemblance to Loren and immediately realized that the boy was their son, Tobias.[1]

Elfangor informed the five children that he was an Andalite as well as the existence of the Yeerks and how they had begun a secret invasion of Earth, adding that there would already be Controllers. After using his thought-speak to transmit a mental picture of a Yeerk and informing them on what a Controller was, Elfangor urged them to warn humanity before the Yeerks won, as it would be years before Andalite reinforcements arrived on Earth. However, the teenagers responded that they were mere children and that they would not be believed. Elfangor then realized that since he had an Escafil Device on his ship, he could use it to grant the human children the morphing ability to use as a weapon,[8] remembering that Loren had proven that human teenagers were capable of fighting the Yeerks.[1] As one of the boys, Jake, ran inside and retrieve the cube, Elfangor activated the cube and rendered all five teenagers morph-capable.[8]

As the Bug fighters and Visser Three's Blade ship began to descend, Elfangor urged the children to hide.[8] However, Tobias chose to stay with him. Elfangor asked Tobias about Loren, and felt a pain in his hearts when Tobias notified him that he didn't know her as she had either disappeared or died when he was young and that he had no family. Elfangor then told his son to stick with his friends, stating that they were his family now.[1] Elfangor then pressed his palm to Tobias' forehead and transmitted knowledge and memories into his son's mind, after which Tobias ran away to join the other children in their hiding spot right before the Bug fighters and Blade ship began to descend upon him.[8] Elfangor used his thought-speak to mentally communicate with his fighter to form a hirac delest, a record of his thoughts and memories, and beamed it into space with the intention that the Andalites would find it.[8]


Elfangor Antarean Bogg

Elfangor's final moments

"My son had survived. He was strong in ways even he did not suspect. He would change the course of history. And oh, as I lie here now, seconds from death, clutched in the power of Visser Three's monstrous morph, I can see clearly what I only guessed at before. I remember seeing the time line that curled away from Loren and me. And I remember the burst of light as it was joined with four other human lines, and the line of my own little brother. Tobias was that line. And joined with these others, he held powers that would make Visser Three tremble. I, Elfangor-Sirinial-Shamtul, having transmitted all my last thoughts and memories to be sent through space to my people, now end my life. My hirac delest is done. I go in peace to my death."

When the Bug fighters and Blade ship landed, Visser Three stepped out and walked towards him. The Andalite-Controller announced that it was an honor for them to meet again and noted that Elfangor had since become a legend. The Visser taunted Elfangor about how many Andalites he had killed. When Elfangor shot back that more Andalite reinforcements would come, Visser Three responded that they would not come in time and that he would one day personally oversee the torture and infestation of Elfangor's family. Elfangor then used his tail blade to slice the Visser's shoulder before mentally commanding his fighter to shoot at a Bug fighter. Visser Three then ordered two of his Hork-Bajir-Controllers to restrain the wounded Elfangor while his Blade ship, along with the remaining Bug fighters, destroyed Elfangor's fighter.[8]

As he was being held by the Hork-Bajir, Elfangor witnessed as Visser Three morphed into an Antarean Bogg and pick him up with the intention of devouring him. Elfangor thought about how his son had survived and thought of how he would change history with his morphing power. He suddenly remembered what the Ellimist had shown him years earlier, how his son's future would align with four other humans and his younger brother Aximili and realized that the six of them would be the solution the Ellimist spoke of and become the resistance that would thwart Visser Three.[1] The Visser then opened his mouth and dropped Elfangor in, and the Andalite prince briefly cried out in pain as the Visser's monstrous teeth ripped his body apart before he died, with his remnants being eaten by the Visser and one of the Taxxons.[8]


After his death, Elfangor was awarded the highest honor in the Andalite military by having a Dome ship named after him. The Elfangor is the Dome ship that finally comes to Earth to aid the Animorphs in stopping the Yeerk invasion of Earth.[10]


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Morph Book Acquired
Djabala Prior to The Andalite Chronicles
Kafit Bird
Taxxon The Andalite Chronicles
Human (Alan Fangor; becomes trapped in morph)

Books Narrated By Elfangor


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