Andalite Fighter Schematic.png
"First of all, it wasn't all that big. It was about as long as a school bus. The front end was a pod, shaped almost like an egg. Extending from the back of the pod was a long, narrow shaft. There were two crooked, stubby winglike things, and on the end of each wing was a long tube that glowed bright blue on the back end. The little spaceship looked almost cute. You know, kind of harmless. Except that it had a sort of tail - a mean-looking tail that curved up and forward, corning to a point that looked as sharp as a needle."

Elfangor's fighter was the Andalite fighter ship used by Elfangor-Sirinial-Shamtul in the battle prior to the beginning of the Yeerk invasion of Earth. It was disintegrated by Bug fighters at the same time that Visser Three ate Elfangor. It was know to hold a hologram of Elfangor's family.



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