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"The blind red-haired girl who had been observed on infrared camera talking to Jake and Rachel had escaped. Before the Yeerks could come back for her, she'd simply walked out of the facility in Rachel morph."

Elena was a young blind girl recruited from a school for the blind.


Yeerk-Andalite War

"Living with Marco's parents is a young girl named Elena who is blind when not in morph. Rachel gave her the morphing technology and allowed Elena to acquire her. Our mission to recruit several children from a school for the blind failed. Elena managed to escape the Yeerks in her Rachel morph. Now she lives as a refugee and cannot, for security reasons, return to the school or her parents. She is sad for her losses but slowly adjusting to her new life."

After the Animorphs had recruited seventeen new members from the children's hospital, they decided to next target a school for the blind. After about fifteen minutes of surveillance all six Animorphs went in, and after entering accidentally wake up a young redhead girl.

While the others stood guard, Jake and Rachel explained to Elena why they had come, about morphing and about the Yeerk invasion. They gain her the ability to morph with the Escafil Device, and she acquired Rachel. Unfortunately, the dormitory they was surveillance by close circuit camera, and Tom accompanied by several Blue Band Hork-Bajir burst in and apprehended all the Animorphs, except Cassie in housefly morph. Cassie was able to alert James and the other Auxiliary Animorphs who came to their aid. Luckily, Elena was able to exit in the school in Rachel morph before the Yeerks could return to capture her.[1]

Unable to return to the school, Elena was then found by the Animorphs and relocated to the Hork-Bajir valley.[2]


Morph Book Acquired
Human (Rachel) The Ultimate