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"Well, as you know, we have six dolphins here. Joey, whom you've met, Ross, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe, and Rachel. Hey, you guys want to feed them a little? You start throwing fish in the water and they'll all come over."
"It won't upset their schedule?"
"Nah. Just don't let Joey get it all. He's kind of pushy."
―Eileen and Cassie[src]

Eileen is a dolphin trainer at The Gardens.


Working at The Gardens[]

"He's trying to get me to give him some more fish."
"Oh, hi, Eileen."
"Joey is the biggest con artist. He's always trying to get extra fish."
―Eileen and Cassie[src]

In 1997,[1] Eileen worked at The Gardens as a dolphin trainer, where she trained Joey, Ross, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe and Rachel, six bottlenose dolphins that had been named after the cast of Friends. On a Thursday afternoon, Eileen was at the dolphin tank after a performance concluded when she noticed the head vet's daughter Cassie approaching the tank with three of her friends, whom Cassie introduced as Jake, Rachel and Marco. Cassie told Eileen that they were there to study dolphins, and Eileen gave them a bucket of fish to feed the dolphins. Cassie wondered whether allowing them to do so would disrupt their feeding schedule, although Eileen responded that the dolphins would be fine but advised them not to feed Joey too much.[2]



  1. #1 is set in 1997, and #4 is set just weeks after.
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