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"So many species on this planet. So many balances and connections. Everything preying on everything else. Every power is checked by some other power. Every advantage is canceled by some disadvantage."
"Yeah. Earth. It's a tough neighborhood."
Temrash 114 and Jake[src]

Earth is a blue planet in the Milky Way Galaxy primarily inhabited by humans, although it is also home to the Nartec, Yeerks, Taxxon and Hork-Bajir. At the end of the Andalite-Yeerk War, it also served as a vacation destination for Andalites, some of whom resided on Earth.


Pre-Yeerk InvasionEdit

Mercora and the NeskEdit

Human WarsEdit

Visited by the Skrit NaEdit

Elfangor's RefugeEdit

Edriss and EssamEdit

"My time of lying low was over. The notice had at last come: I was promoted, leaping over so many desperately ambitious competitors to take the most powerful position short of membership on the Council of Thirteen. I would spearhead the invasion of Earth. I would take charge of our greatest conquest. I would stand alone atop the Yeerk military hierarchy. I was to become Visser One."
Edriss 562[src]

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Yeerk InvasionEdit

War on EarthEdit

"We were on Earth, and Earth has not been kind to Visser Three. A small guerilla band has bedeviled his efforts to follow through on the great conquest begun by me. Visser Three believes these guerillas to be Andalite survivors of their destroyed Dome ship. I know differently. Yes, the group no doubt contains one or more Andalites. But it also contains humans. Humans who have, somehow, acquired morphing technology."
Edriss 562[src]


"Visser Three, you have failed to make progress with Earth. Your sentence is suspended for now because we simply have no one ready to take over operations there. Earth is vital. If you want the suspension to become permanent, give us Earth! We need hosts. We need them badly. The Andalites are building up their forces."

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Open WarfareEdit

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Post Yeerk InvasionEdit

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