The EGS Tower in the TV series

"The tallest building in town was the EGS Tower. It was sixty stories tall. It still stood, almost intact. But for some reason the top two floors had been sheared away, then covered with a glass dome. Pale sunlight sparkled off the dome. It was almost like a beacon."
Rachel witnessing the EGS Tower in the alternate future[src]

The EGS Tower is sixty stories tall, the tallest building in the town the Animorphs live in. The glass dome on the top floors is the location of the Kandrona, until the Animorphs destroy it and a replacement is created. In The Stranger, the Ellimist introduces the Animorphs to an alternate future in which the EGS tower is the only skyscraper left standing, and the top two floors had been sheared away, then covered with a glass dome. This indirectly allows the Animorphs to infer that the tower is the location of the Kandrona in their current time, and so they go to destroy it.

Battle at the EGS Tower[]

The first page illustration of The Stranger featuring Rachel in her grizzly bear morph, with Jake in his tiger morph, and Marco in his gorilla morph, riding the freight elevator to the top of the EGS Tower.

After the Animorphs are returned to their own time and narrowly escape a battle at the Yeerk Pool with their lives, Rachel awakes from a dream early in the morning with a sudden realization - the Kandrona source was located at the top of the EGS tower, and the Ellimist had shown them the alternate future so they could have the chance to change the future in their own time, by destroying it. Rachel wakes the others, then after discussing the situation in Cassie's Barn, they head out to the tower at about 5:10 in the morning, and begin to morph battle morphs. Marco, in gorilla morph, punches through the door, and the Animorphs head inside and go toward the freight elevator, which can carry them in their morphs. Jake, Rachel, and Marco go first, leaving Cassie and Ax to keep track of activity on the ground floor.

When Jake, Rachel, and Marco reach the top floor, they run into three humans and two Hork-Bajir. A battle ensues, and soon Cassie and Ax emerge from the elevator. They break through another door and confront eight more Hork-Bajir. They fight some, and the others retreat. The Animorphs demorph to repair battle damage, and find they are in a large office building with a tiled floor and white painted walls. They go into the room with the Kandrona source, which is empty except for a large platform in the center with a three feet high, eight feet long steel pedestal. Rachel morphs elephant and slowly shoved it through the window to fall sixty stories to the ground. The Ellimist then tells them that "everything changes the future" and that a replacement Kandrona will be on the way in three weeks. It is implied that the Animorphs morph birds to fly out of the building.

TV series[]

The tower also appears in the episode The Stranger. Many details in that episode are changed from what occurs in the books.

Animorphs:The Invasion Game adaptation []

In the board game The Invasion Game, the EGS tower is a game piece to be placed on a space on the board game board. It also has a corresponding card. In order to win the game, the player must reach the EGS tower to destroy the Kandrona ray generator on top. This game design follows part of the plot of The Stranger.