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"Visser Three has morphs acquired from dozens of planets and moons spread all across the galaxy. We'd seen some of them. I had never seen this one. It was as purple as Barney the Dinosaur. But it was not cute. And it didn't look to me like an animal that would sing "I love you, you love me." This purple monster did not have a happy family."

A Dule Fansa is a large, purple creature that has a face where its chest should be. It has big eyes and a mouth full of sharp teeth, and four muscular arms ending in sharp, red points that can be launched at its enemies. The points are connected by accordion-like skin that pulls them back and sets them up to be launched again. Visser Three morphed the Dule Fansa in The Discovery.


"It's called a Dule Fansa. A rather fanciful name, don't you think? Would you like to see what it can do?"
Visser Three[src]

Visser Three uses this as his battle morph during the epic clash at David's house, fighting against Ax in his Andalite form and Jake and Rachel in their tiger and grizzly bear morphs.

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