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Dude was Tobias' pet cat and first morph.


Dude was a pet cat of Tobias and one of his only friends.[1]

The same night Elfangor gave the Animorphs the ability to morph and told about the Yeerk invasion, Tobias went home and practiced morphing into Dude.[2]

Dude's fate after Tobias became trapped in morph remains unknown.


Tobias morphed as his cat Dude, in Jake's room, playing with a string. Illustration from the Japanese publication of The Invasion.

  • Dude was the first animal acquired and morphed by any of the Animorphs.
  • Dude can be seen on the inside cover of The Change in a framed picture on a bookshelf in the background of Tobias' room.
  • Even though Tobias cannot morph into Dude, it is believed that Dude's DNA is within Tobias, as when Tobias was human, he had both the cat and the hawk DNA within him, and upon morphing into a hawk, had the human and cat DNA within him. When he was trapped in morph, he was unable to use both the human and cat DNA. Even though he regained his power to morph, even back to his original human self, he cannot morph Dude. (Tobias may have two strands of his original human DNA; the original one he cannot use and the one he uses to morph).
  • Dude as pictured on the inside cover of The Change is intended to look like illustrator David Mattingly 's cat Orson. Mattingly tries to put a picture or mention of Orson in all of his artwork, including many of the Animorphs books inside covers.