The Drode
Biographical information
Affiliation Crayak
Behind the scenes
First appearance The Exposed
Last appearance The Return
"Mustn't upset the balance. Not directly, anyway. But! Create problems? Yes. Create opportunities? Yes. Play the wild card? Of course."
―The Drode[src]

The Drode is the main servant of the Crayak, and serves as his wild card.


"It looked at first glance like the mating of a small dinosaur and a large prune. It had two legs and balanced its body with a stubby tail. The hands were weak, flimsy things, with too many joints. The head didn't fit with the bird-like body. It was humanoid in shape, with a narrow lower jaw and big, mocking eyes. The skin was wrinkled, like a prune. The flesh was dark, almost jet-black, relieved only by green that rimmed the eyes and mouth."

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Meeting the Animorphs[]

"Oh, Marco the funny one! How's Mommy, Marco? Is she alive or is she dead? Does she scream with the Yeerk in her head? All here together? Cassie, the hypocrite? 'I don't believe in violence... except when I do.' Aximili, the pitiful, pale shadow of his dead brother? If only you'd insisted on going with Elfangor, maybe he'd have lived. Too bad. And Tobias, ah, yes, Tobias. The boy not really so trapped as a bird, eh, but too gutless to resume life as a human? And Rachel. My very favorite Animorph. Rachel, Rachel. Do you feel the adrenaline rush of murderous desire? Do you feel the urge to reach out and destroy me? Of course you do. You and I have that in common. [...] Allow me to introduce myself. I am the Drode. It's a word from my species. It means 'wildcard.'"
―The Drode to the Animorphs[src]

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Chasing Visser Four[]

"The Yeerk, the former Visser Four, has used the Time Matrix. He has traveled backward in time and is changing historical events. He's rewritten the past in an effort to bring about a Yeerk victory and give himself greater power. You... the other yous... are unaware that life was ever any different. You have all been raised in an environment of delightfully ferocious oppression. It's all quite wonderful!"
"But slavery? Some genocidal war?"
"Why are you here?"
"Sadly, I am here to offer you the chance to undo it all. I want to help."
―The Drode, Cassie and Rachel[src]

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Crayak's Offer[]

"My master Crayak offers you an escape. In his compassion Great Crayak has struck a deal with that meddling nitwit Ellimist. Crayak would free you, Jake. Crayak would free you all. All will be as it would have been if you had simply taken a different path home."
―The Drode to Jake[src]

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The Return of David[]

"You called my master's name. Can it be that you need some help, Rachel? Rachel of the dark heart. Rachel the soon-to-be nothlit. Rachel the rat."
"What are you doing? What's this all about?"
"It's about payback."
"You're telling me that the all-powerful Crayak is working for a rat?"
"Rachel, Rachel. Who knew you had a sense of humor? No, Rachel. The rat works for Crayak. Whatever puny scores the rat has to settle are of no interest to us. No, we seek your help in a larger payback. We once told you we had hopes for you, Rachel. Do you remember? We still do."
―The Drode, Rachel and David[src]

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