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"Ax explained to us once that this was a unique Yeerk technology. The Andalite shredder whose technology the Yeerks used in developing the Dracon beam kills instantly, painlessly. The Dracon beam is specifically modified to destroy more slowly. The Yeerks want their enemies to feel the agony of cells exploding."

Dracon beams are handheld weapons reverse engineered using Andalite Shredders and Ongachic technology. It was the standard weapon used by the Yeerk Empire, and was also used by Helmacrons.


"These fighters are armed with two Dracon beam weapons, a blending of Andalite shredder technology with some Ongachic particle-wave technology."
Dak Hamee to Alloran-Semitur-Corrass[src]

The Dracon beam was created in 1968 on the Hork-Bajir homeworld, when the Yeerks combined Andalite shredder technology with some of the Ongachic particle-wave technology that they had stolen. They are a blending of Andalite Shredder technology with Ongachic particle-wave technology.[1] Like Shredders, Dracon beams separate particles and essentially disintegrate objects and individuals. However, while Shredders were designed to kill as painlessly as possible, Dracon beams were purposely altered to inflict excruciating pain as they disintegrated their targets.


Dracon beam GN2

Iniss 226 holding a Dracon beam

"It's called a Dracon beam, huh? What's it do?"
"It fires an energy beam which causes an exceedingly painful death. Which is why we'd really prefer it if you didn't fire it."
Loren and Arbron[src]

Dracon beams are the standard-issue weapon of the Yeerk Empire. When the Yeerk Empire followed Elfangor to Earth, Dracon beams were fired by both the Blade ship and a Bug fighter to disintegrate Elfangor's fighter. A few days later, when the Animorphs first attacked the California Yeerk pool complex, a group of Controllers, including Taxxons, armed themselves with Dracon beams, although they were never fired.[2] Less than a month later, Dracon beams were used by Hork-Bajir-Controllers as well human Park Ranger Controllers to shoot animals in the forest area around a lake where their Truck ship was siphoning water. Tobias stole one of the Dracon beams from a Taxxon and used it to destroy the controls of the Truck ship, caused it to crash into the ground. One of the Yeerks then used a Dracon beam to disintegrate one of Price-Cut Polly's wings.[3]


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