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Tobias morphing Champ

Tobias morphing into Champ, a German shepherd

"We grafted the essence of the Pemalites into the wolf species. And from that union, dogs were created. To this day, most dogs carry within them the essence of the Pemalites. Not all, but most. Wherever you see a dog playing, chasing a stick, running around barking for the sheer joy of life, you see the remnants of the race of Pemalites. [...] They are our joy, because they remind us of a world without evil. The world we lost. We Chee are all that is left of Pemalite technological genius. The dogs of Earth are all that is left of Pemalite souls."
Erek King[src]

The dog is a domestic Earth animal created by the Chee, who fused the Pemalite essence with wolves. Three notable male dogs were kept as pets; Homer, a golden retriever owned by Jake; Euclid, a poodle owned by Nora Robbinette; and Champ, a German Shepherd owned by Loren.


"Marco placed his hand on Champ's head. Immediately Champ relaxed. His alert brown eyes dimmed. His shoulders sagged. The dog had fallen into the acquiring trance. [...] I demorphed and flapped onto Champ's back. He was starting to come out of the trance. He whined and tried to pull away from Marco. I sank my talons into his fur. His head drooped again. I absorbed his DNA, swooped to the floor, and focused on Champ."

In The Invasion, set in 1997,[1] Jake acquired Homer, his pet golden retriever, making it the very first animal he acquired as well as his first morph.[2] Marco also acquired three separate dogs in his lifetime; in The Android, set in 1997, he acquired an Irish Setter;[3] in 1999,[4] he acquired a poodle named Euclid in The Proposal,[5] and in 2000,[6] he acquired Champ, a German Shepherd, in The Diversion. Champ was also acquired by Tobias and Rachel, although Tobias was the only one of the three to use the morph, as Marco and Rachel merely acquired Champ to put him in a trance.[7]


Book 21 inside cover cassie

Jake in golden retriever morph

"Dog is the way to go. No one will even think anything about us being there, since there are always dogs at outdoor stuff. And dog hearing is great."
Jake to Marco[src]

Jake's very first morph was that of Homer, his pet golden retriever, which he acquired in 1997.[1] He used the morph later that night to spy on a Sharing meeting at the beach.[2] Some time later, he and Marco used their dog morphs to sneak into an outdoor concert, where they encountered Erek King and realized he wasn't human.[3] Jake also used the golden retriever morph to track down David's scent when the new Animorph left the Wildlife Rehabilitation Clinic.[8]

In 1999,[4] Marco acquired Euclid, his eventual stepmother's poodle, and exclusively used the morph to terrorize William Roger Tennant.[5] The next year,[6] Marco, along with Tobias and Rachel, acquired Champ, the German Shepherd guide dog of Tobias' blind mother Loren, although Tobias was the only one who morphed into Champ, using the dog morph in order to observe his mother.[7]


Known Morphers[]

  • Jake (golden retriever)
  • Marco (Irish Setter and poodle)
  • Tobias (German shepherd)


Elfangor eye closeup andalite chron "Someone took a picture of me? Not cool. Do you see what I'm wearing? I'm Spandex-boy. Totally not cool."

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