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Animorphs MM2 Dino Morphs

The Animorphs morphing into various dinosaur morphs in promotional artwork for In the Time of Dinosaurs.

"The dominant species type were huge, brutish beasts a fantastic array of forms. Giant, slow-moving plant eaters and rapacious killers with tearing teeth and deadly talons. There was intelligence there, but no sentience, I could see so clearly."
―The Ellimist[src]

Dinosaurs were a diverse group of reptiles that were once the dominant terrestrial predator of planet Earth. However, they were wiped out of existence when the Animorphs, who had traveled back in time, redirected a comet to strike the planet as Tobias believed this was a predestination paradox that they were meant to fulfill.


"I held tight with my talons. And I focused on the dinosaur. It may have been sixty-five or seventy or eighty million years B.C., but DNA was still DNA."

After being sent back in time in In the Time of Dinosaurs, the Animorphs found themselves in an era where dinosaurs roamed the Earth. While being chased by a pack of Deinonychus, Tobias landed on one and acquired it in order to save Rachel, who was in grizzly bear morph, from being killed by the pack. Upon killing the pack's leader, Tobias subdued one of the other Deinonychus so that Rachel could acquire the morph as well.

Later on, when Jake was nearly eaten by a Tyrannosaurus Rex, he grabbed onto its tongue and acquired it. The same dinosaur was shortly acquired by Cassie, Marco and Ax.[1]


"So I guess the Nesk don't mind dinosaurs. I mean, okay, if a Mercora flying saucer shows up at the Nesk home base, they blast it. But what if a whole different kind of army shows up there?"
"It's a miracle! Marco actually came up with a good idea. We can morph dinosaurs and stomp on in there, set off some big honkin' explosion and maybe undo this
Sario Rip of Ax's!"
Marco and Rachel[src]

Tobias was the first of the Animorphs to acquire and use a dinosaur morph, using his Deinonychus morph to try and protect Rachel. He used it to subdue another Deinonychus for Rachel to acquire, and the pair later used the morph when they encountered a Spinosaurus, only to be confronted by the Nesk. Later that night, Jake was nearly eaten by a Tyrannosaurus Rex, which Jake survived by acquiring and partially morphing into the dinosaur from within in order to break free. After meeting the Mercora and deciding to steal a nuclear explosive from a Nesk base, the Animorphs chose to use their dinosaur morphs as the Nesk did not see the local dinosaurs as a threat. During this mission, Cassie lost herself to the Tyrannosaurus's instincts, causing her to kill and eat a Triceratops.[1]

Morph Unusable[]

"I tried morphing the Tyrannosaurus. Nothing. Didn't work."
"You could ask Ax. He may know why."
"Yeah, but even if he explains it, I still won't understand it."
Jake and Cassie[src]

Upon returning to their own time, Jake attempted to morph into the Tyrannosaurus Rex, although to no avail. He reported the incident to Cassie, who suggested that Ax might know the reason, although Jake refused to do so, citing that he would not have understood the reasoning.[1]