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"The cockpit of the ship was small by any standard. And it was made smaller still by the instrumentation that seemed at first to be a randomly assembled pile of black boxes with glowing green lights. It reminded me of nothing so much as our own emergency backup systems. Primitive systems made of metals, using electrons rather than photons to carry data. And all designed to be manipulated by touch rather than memm. It was crude. How could it be so crude? The larger version of this ship had murdered my home crystal in less than five minutes. How could this ship be so laughably backward? It was an insult, an outrage."

The Death Crate is a small Capasin ship that acts like a fighter/probe. The ship looked like a boxier winged version of the Capasin Ship. The ship has a single transparent window. The crew quarters are small and can fit only a single Capasin or two Ketrans. The ship is armed with a Capasin Beam, though it's not as strong as a Capasin Warship's beam weapons and does not carry any Flechettes weapons.


"The Wise One's orders are that you and I take control of this alien vessel and carry out any defensive actions possible."
Lackofa to Toomin[src]

During the invasion of Ket, a Capasin warship deployed one, which tried to break into MCQ3 deflector shields. Toomin grabbed a crystal shard from the MCQ3 and impaled the Capasin pilot. Toomin with Lackofa at his side entered the ship and learned how to operate the ship to fight off the invading Capasin Fleet. After naming the ship the Crate, they returned to Ket and found the Polar Orbit High Crystal under attack from a Capasin Warship. Working together, Toomin and Lackofa brought down a large the large warship with a Capasin beam fire. After Capasins sent in more ships and destroyed Polar Orbit High Crystal, the remaining seventy-two Ketrans retreated into space.