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"The man was close by. I recognized him because I had seen him on his TV commercials. He was Dealin' Dan Hawke. He owned the car dealership. He was the one holding the hawk prisoner."

Dan Hawke, popularly known as Dealin' Dan Hawke, is the owner of Dealin' Dan Hawke's Used Cars, a used vehicle dealership in California. He illegally kept a red-tailed hawk named Price-Cut Polly captive and used her as a mascot, which resulted in Tobias and Rachel attacking his dealership in order to free the hawk.


Commercial Fiasco[]

"Well, ladies and gentlemen in TV-land, I guess we have a bird trying to break into our Price-Cut Polly's cage. Boys, you better shoo him away. [...] Oh. My. Lord. Forget the bird! There's an elephant stomping over the convertibles!"
―Dealin' Dan Hawke[src]

Dealin' Dan Hawke was a used car salesman who owned the Dealin' Dan Hawke's Used Cars dealership[1] in California.[2] He had an illegal captive red-tailed hawk in a cage, which he named Price-Cut Polly, and used her as the mascot for his business.[1] In 1997,[3] Dealin' Dan Hawke was preparing to film a live commercial when he noticed another red-tailed hawk trying to free Price-Cut Polly from her cage. He then ordered his employees to deal with it until he noticed, to his horror, that an elephant was on the lot, stomping on the convertibles. With the elephant distracting the men, the red-tailed hawk was able to free Price-Cut Polly from her captivity.[1]




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