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"I looked at my son, the features that were a unique blend of Allison's Korean and Hildy's French physiology. The eyes, the hair, were Allison's. The skin was pale, the mouth wide, all Hildy's. Nothing of me, of course. How could there be? And yet, this child would not have existed but for me. Surely that made me in some part his mother."
Edriss 562[src]

Darwin is the human son of Edriss 562 and Essam 293, conceived through hosts Allison Kim and Hildy Gervais.



"This was my son. His name was Darwin. That had been a little joke on my part. He represented something never evolved: a human child with four parents, two human, two Yeerk."
Edriss 562[src]

Shortly after arriving to Earth in the early 1990s, Edriss 562 and Essam 293 took two human hosts – Allison Kim and Hildy Gervais. Over time, Allison became attracted to Hildy, which Hildy reciprocated, with Edriss and Essam beginning to fall in love as well. The four then conceived two children together, with Edriss/Allison giving birth to twins, a son named Darwin and a daughter named Madra.[1]


"I left them where they were. In the hospital. In time they were judged to be abandoned and put up for adoption."
Edriss 562 to Garoff and the Council of Thirteen[src]

The four parents loved and cared for their children; however, Edriss 562 and Essam 293 faced a crisis when their scout ship's onboard Kandrona begin to fail. Edriss then contacted the Yeerk Empire, outlining her plan for the invasion of Earth and the creation of The Sharing, and received a new Kandrona generator. Edriss then informed Essam that they would have to kill their hosts, Allison Kim and Hildy Gervais, with whom they had formed a partnership with, notifying her husband that they would adopt their children using their new host bodies. Essam refused to kill Allison or Hildy, prompting Edriss to retrieve a Dracon beam and threaten to kill the children as well, reminding Essam that they were Yeerks and that she desired to become a full visser. Eager to protect her children, Allison resisted Edriss's control long enough for Essam to overpower her. Essam then forced Edriss to free Allison, placing Edriss within her alternate host, Lore David Altman, while Essam/Hildy fled with Allison and the children.

However, the children developed a fever, prompting Essam and Allison to bring them to a hospital. Edriss managed to locate her children's name on a hospital database and made her way there, where she encountered a dying Essam, starving from lack of Kandrona rays. As Essam began to flee from Hildy's body, Edriss prematurely pulled him out, ripping his body in two and causing the latter half to become fuse with Hildy's brain, rendering Hildy psychotic and causing him to attack Edriss/Lore. Allison, who had witnessed the event, then fled the hospital, returning in a disguise. However, Edriss had foreseen her actions and killed her when she arrived. With Allison dead, Edriss left her children at the hospital, causing the twins to be declared abandoned and thereby put up for adoption. After eliminating Lore as well, Edriss took on a new host, Eva. In order to avoid Eva's pity should she discover Edriss was a mother as well, Edriss took on other hosts and observed her children in secret, although, after leaving Earth and faking Eva's death, she lost track of her children.[1]


"I held the gun. And Darwin, my son, calmly took the barrel in his right hand and pressed the muzzle against his own heart. I understood. Darwin was a Controller. The Yeerk inside his brain was holding the gun so that I couldn't spin around and shoot Visser Three. Holding the gun so that the only person I could kill was Darwin. The Yeerk's host body would die, my son would die. The Yeerk might be rescued in time. It was dangerous for him, though. Visser Three must have threatened him terribly to get him to do this."
Edriss 562[src]

While declaring charges against Edriss 562, Esplin 9466 discovered that a homeless man named Hildy Gervais was aware of Andalites, Yeerks and Hork-Bajir and had half of Essam 293's body fused with his brain. Interrogating Hildy, Visser Three discovered the existence of Darwin and Madra. Unable to find Madra, the Visser had young Darwin infested. Upon realizing that the Visser had her son, Edriss, working with her host Eva, placed a phone call to Marco asking for help. During the trial, after Edriss declared that she did not love her children, Esplin brought out Darwin and a human gun, ordering Edriss to murder her son to prove her statement. Edriss did not wish to kill him, but the moment was interrupted by the arrival of the Animorphs. Darwin attempted to attack the "Andalite bandits" but was knocked unconscious by Aximili-Esgarrouth-Isthill. Following the trial, Edriss remarked that her son was lost to her now as one of Visser Three's human-Controllers, but resolved to find Madra.[1]


  • Edriss 562 remarks that Darwin was nine years old during the trial; Darwin was conceived and born shortly after Edriss had arrived on Earth (during the combat phase of Operation Desert Storm, January-February 1991), which would place his birth around late 1991 at the earliest. For Darwin to be nine, this would mean that VISSER takes place during mid-to-late 2000; however, based on the timeline provided in The Answer in conjunction with the books released pre-VISSER, the trial took place sometime around mid-to-late 1999, meaning that Darwin would not be nine years old at the time, but rather eight years old.