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"My dad is very cool. He's a TV reporter himself. But not like the ones who'd been driving me crazy. My dad is more like one of those 60 Minutes guys. You know, like very responsible and serious. At least on TV he's serious. In regular life, he's not that way at all."

Dan is a television reporter and news anchor, and the father of Rachel.


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"My father's a reporter for one of the local TV channels. He does a lot of investigative journalism. Plus he anchors the news on Saturday and Sunday. So he's always wearing nice clothes, and always has great hair, and he looks tan even in the total depths of winter."

He is a news anchor for a local channel, but not in the same town the Rachel and the others live in.[2] Of any of his daughters, Dan was closest with Rachel. When he had to relocate for his job, he offered offered Rachel the opportunity to stay with him and fly back every weekend to see her mother and sisters. Rachel decided to decline.[2]


"Everyone always says how much I'm like him. How he's kind of reckless, and so am I. He always seems so sure of himself, and I guess people think I'm that way, too. [...] My dad is very big on standing up for what's right."

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  1. It is unknown if he shares the same surname as his brother Steve.
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