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Animorphs 30 The Reunion inside cover only

Marco in cockroach morph.

"They say that after the big one, total nuclear annihilation, when every other living thing has been turned into a pile of glowing mud, roaches will still be powering over the ruins of civilization. The amazing indestructible roach. They adapt almost immediately to whatever poison is unleashed on them. And they eat virtually anything – books, glue, plants, dead fish, old sneakers. It's almost impossible to destroy them. I like that about cockroaches."

The cockroach (also known as simply the roach) is an insect species native to Earth. The roach is the Animorphs' preferred insect morph, used for infiltration and reconnaissance purposes. It is one of the few morphs that all seven Animorphs possessed.


"I absorbed the cockroach's DNA pattern. It was becoming part of me."

Jake was the first Animorph to acquire a cockroach, having done so in The Capture, with Rachel, Cassie, Marco and Ax acquiring cockroaches later on in the same book. David acquired a cockroach in The Discovery at Cassie's request, while Tobias acquired his roach morph in The Reunion.


Marco morphs Cockroach

Marco morphing into a cockroach.

"I focused on the roach. Not my favorite morph. Not anyone's favorite morph. But I needed to be small, fast, and survivable. Maybe a fly would have been better but I'd had a close call as a fly once: Someone swatted me and smeared me all over the storage rack on a plane. Roaches are harder to kill."

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