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The Attack Illustration

The Animorphs fighting in the City of Beauty

"We were miles in the air. Miles from the ground, which we could see just over the edge of the platform. The platform with no railing, no warning. The platform that just stopped suddenly. Below us was a twisting, leaning, propped-up-on-gigantic-support-beams structure of other platforms. Floors, I guess, all stuck here and there, sticking far out and not so far. Above us was more of the same, till you'd swear the monstrous construction would reach the moon, assuming the Iskoort had a moon. All of this was built of brilliantly colored blocks or bricks or segments. Imagine that someone starts with all the Legos in the world. Add in all the Duplos and cheap bargain Duplos and let some humongous kid assemble them all into a tower a hundred miles tall. Assume that no sensible adult ever becomes involved, except to come along occasionally and wedge in what looks like crutches the size of skyscrapers. The floors could have been five feet apart, five hundred feet apart, or five miles apart. It was like no one figured it out till they built it."

The City of Beauty is a major city on the Iskoort homeworld. The city itself looks like colorful Lego and Duplo spires that reach into the sky for miles and miles. The city is home to thousands of Iskoorts and is often frequented by off-worlders. The Animorphs and Erek King were transported here by the Ellimist in The Attack.


"This is quite a little lunatic asylum the Ellimist wants us to save. Lego Land meets Dr. Seuss with a population made up of whining nutbags – no offense, Guide – who think shopping and gossiping are careers."

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