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"Besides, I found twenty bucks this morning. Which sounds like a visit to the food court to me."
Tobias and Ax[src]

Cinnabon, Inc., is an American chain of baked goods stores and kiosks famous for selling cinnamon rolls and buns known as Cinnabuns. It was Ax's favorite fast food place on Earth.


"So there I am. Cruising through the food court, minding my own business, thinking, Hey, why not snag a taco? when I notice the paramedics and this crowd all gathered around the Cinnabon. [...] Anyway, she tells me, "Some kid went crazy and ate an entire pan of cinnamon buns." Now, who, I ask you all, who do we know who would eat an entire pan of cinnamon buns?"
Marco to the other Animorphs[src]

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