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"That ain't right. It ain't right that no bird should take my rifle like that."

Chester is a teenager who, along with his friend, liked to drink beer and shoot birds. During one such incident, the birds that he was shooting happened to be the Animorphs, who then attacked Chester.


Drinking and Shooting[]

"Two teenage creeps sitting in the back of a pickup truck. One guy had a blond ponytail. The other one wore a baseball cap. They were a hundred yards away, like being all the way down a football field, but my eagle eyes were so good I could count their eyelashes. The guy with the ponytail had the rifle. [...] Tobias slashed the ponytail guy's head with his own talons. Ponytail shouted in pain and surprise and loosened his grip on the rifle."

In 1997,[3] Chester went to the woods with his friend, bringing along his rifle while his friend brought some beer cans. The duo then noticed a bald eagle, along with some other birds-of-prey, in the sky, and Chester decided to shoot at the eagle. Chester was then attacked by one of the raptors, a red-tailed hawk, who slashed his head. As Chester screamed, he loosened his grip on his rifle, which was then stolen by the bald eagle. As the raptors flew away, Chester complained that it wasn't right that his rifle was stolen by a bird.[1]


  • In The Visitor, Chester's appearance in the novel is very brief, only being present in the scene where he shoots at the Animorphs and then is attacked in return. However, in the graphic novel, his part is slightly more expanded. The original novel had Rachel nearly kidnapped and assaulted by an older man, whereas in the graphic novel, Chester is the one who harasses and chases Rachel instead.
  • Chester is described in the book to have blond hair, while in the graphic novel he has brown hair.



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