Rachel, Cassie and Marco in Southern African cheetah morphs.

"When I was done, I took a deep breath and thought: cheetah. Quite possibly the most gorgeous wild cat ever to roam the savannah. [...] I was built for speed. Not endurance, maybe. But oh, yes. Definitely speed. Stunning speed. Zero to forty-five miles per hour in two point five seconds. From a point of rest. From sitting perfectly still. Do you understand that kind of acceleration? I mean, can you even really imagine it? And once the cheetah got going – top speed, between sixty and seventy miles per hour – it could cover almost one hundred feet per second."
Rachel upon morphing the cheetah[src]

The cheetah is the fastest land animal on Earth and is an extremely endangered species. The Gardens obtained three Southern African cheetahs as part of a population conservation effort, which were acquired by Rachel, Cassie, Marco and Ax in The Weakness.


"The Gardens just got three cheetahs as part of their new breeding program. You know, they're almost extinct."

In an attempt to assassinate Visser Three, Rachel, Cassie, Marco and Ax acquired three cheetahs in The Weakness that The Gardens had recently obtained..


Assassination AttemptEdit

The Weakness Illustration

Rachel, Cassie and Marco in cheetah morphs.

"Why cheetahs?"
"Speed. You want to grab the visser quickly, before his guards can react. You want to outrun him in an open space. And pretty much nothing outruns a cheetah."
Rachel and Cassie[src]

Rachel, Cassie, Marco and Ax used cheetah morphs in The Weakness in an attempt to assassinate Visser Three, whose private feeding ground Tobias had discovered. Although their speed allowed them to get a few hits in, their endurance was limited and thus were nearly killed when the visser was reinforced by the Garatron, who opted to spare the Animorphs, citing that it was Visser Three's responsibility to do so.

Battle MorphEdit

Used by AxEdit

"This appendage works well to balance the cheetah when it runs, but it is useless as a weapon."
"You’ll have to settle for teeth and claws, Ax-man. Too many people. We don’t need your blue-furred, four-eyed self on the cover of the
National Enquirer."
Ax and Jake[src]

While attacking an airport in The Unexpected to prevent the Yeerks from obtaining and destroying a seized Bug fighter, Jake ordered Ax to use his cheetah morph as a battle morph, as there was uninfested humans in the airport.

Used by the YeerksEdit

"The first human-Controller morphed to rhino. Another morphed to polar bear. Another to cheetah."

Shortly after gaining the Escafil Device, a few human-Controllers acquired cheetahs. One of them fought the Animorphs in The Sacrifice, although he was subdued by Timmy and Collette and killed by National Guard troops. When the Animorphs succeed in destroying the Yeerk pool, several morph-capable Controllers morph cheetahs to flee the blast radius.

Used by MarcoEdit

"Marco in cheetah morph and Ax fought most logically. They each understood that a mere wound was enough, as long as live Taxxons were left undamaged to take care of the finishing off. Marco would accelerate to forty mph, dig his less-than-deadly claws into a victim, leave bloody scratches behind, and prance away far too quickly for a Taxxon to respond."

Marco elects to use the cheetah morph as his battle morph in The Answer, when launching an attack against the Taxxons constructing the new Yeerk pool on Earth, as Marco chose to use logic and speed rather than the gorilla's brute strength.


Known MorphersEdit

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