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"Well, you know Chapman's house? Nice two-story?"
"How many stories is it now?"
"Uh... Zero?"
Marco and Jake[src]

The Chapman Residence was a house in the suburbs of California where the Chapman family resided. In 2000, the house was destroyed when Marco drove a tank into it.


Family House[]

"They lived in a pretty normal-looking suburban home. You know: two stories, a garage, a lawn. Nothing to make you think that the person who lived there was part of a huge alien conspiracy to take over the world."

The Chapman residence was a two-story suburban house with a garage and lawn[2] in California.[3] By the 1990s, it was resided by Hedrick Chapman, his wife and their daughter Melissa. When Chapman bought his daughter a pet tomcat, whom she named Fluffer McKitty, a cat door was installed in the front door to allow the cat to come and go as it pleased. Following the infestation of both Chapman parents, the house became a place of residence for Iniss 226 and Ms. Chapman's Yeerk. The house had a basement, with a bare wood ceiling and paneling all around. It had a television and a pool table, although the basement was rarely in sue. Due to Iniss 226's relatively high rank, the basement was given modifications to allow for a secret room. Behind a regular locked door, a steel vault door was outfitted, which featured a panel that allowed the vault door to be opened only if the correct handprint was read. Inside the room was a powerful hologram emitter along with a communication device that translated thought-speak into verbal speech, which allowed Iniss to speak directly with Esplin 9466, the Yeerk known as Visser Three.[2] Other pieces of equipment in the room included a Yeerk computer and a Z-space transponder.[4]

Infiltrated by the Animorphs[]

"We all know something is wrong in that house. Melissa is still my friend. Maybe somehow I can help her."
"Your job is not to help Melissa Chapman. You're supposed to be spying on Chapman. [...] Well, take care of yourself in there. That's an assistant principal you're dealing with. He finds out you've turned into a cat and gone sneaking around his house, that will be after-school detention for like a year."
Rachel and Marco[src]

In 1997,[5] the Animorphs decided to infiltrate the Chapman Residence in order to spy on Hedrick Chapman and acquire intel. In order to do so, Rachel morphed into Melissa's pet cat, Fluffer McKitty. In Fluffer morph, Rachel entered the house through the cat door. Melissa was upstairs in her room; Iniss 226 sat in the living room without any other activity, while Ms. Chapman's Yeerk was cutting vegetables for dinner. Iniss then got up and made his way to the basement, entering the secret room. He communicated with Visser Three, who spotted the cat. Iniss fearfully explained that the cat was a pet that belonged to Melissa, and that he couldn't kill it without risking his cover. After the meeting concluded, both Hedrick and Rachel made their way back upstairs. Iniss spoke with his "wife" and the pair dismissed Melissa, who asked for help with her homework. Rachel then went upstairs to comfort a crying Melissa before exiting the house ten minutes before her morphing time limit ran out. The next night, Rachel returned to the house in cat morph while Jake hid on her back in flea morph. Rachel then returned to the basement, where she was caught once again, leading Iniss and Visser Three to believe she truly was an Andalite in morph. Iniss then forced Rachel into a cat carrier and drove them to the abandoned construction site.[2]

Kidnapping of Chapman[]

"It is as you suspected, Prince Jake. This Controller has added security devices since our last infiltration. There are motion sensors camouflaged as a mirror frame in the front hallway. And I suspect Dracon beams concealed in the eyes of a statuette facing the doorway."
Ax to Jake[src]

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"Too bad he doesn't have a fireplace anymore."
"Excuse me? You flattened Melissa's house? And you went along with it?"
"Whoa. Down, girl. You're just mad because you didn't get to drive a tank. Nobody got hurt. Nobody was home. Not even Fluffer McNutter or whatever that stupid cat's name is."
Tobias, Rachel and Marco[src]

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Elfangor eye closeup andalite chron "Someone took a picture of me? Not cool. Do you see what I'm wearing? I'm Spandex-boy. Totally not cool."

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