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Ax in cow morph and Tobias in bull morph.

"Cows are not highly intelligent animals. An intelligent animal, smelling the blood, catching this brief glimpse of the future, would have bolted, kicked, fought. But no, maybe that is not true, either. Maybe an intelligent animal would understand that it was doomed and attempt to face the inevitable calmly."

Cattle (colloquially known as cows) are large domesticated creatures native to Earth. While the term cow is used as a general description, only an adult female is a cow. Non-castrated males are referred to as a bull, while castrated males are called steer or ox. A bull morph was acquired by Tobias, Ax and Kelly, with Ax also possessing a cow morph.


"Um... Ax-man? I think you messed up. You're a cow."
"No, I am a steer."
"No, you're a cow. You have an udder. You acquired the wrong kind of cow!"
Tobias and Ax[src]

Tobias and Ax acquired steer in The Experiment; however, because neutering does not affect DNA, the DNA they acquired ended up being bull DNA. Ax also acquired a cow, mistaking it for a steer. In The Ultimate, Kelly acquires a bull as her battle morph.


Ax morphs Cow

Ax morphs a cow.

"So what do we have? One: We need to acquire specific cows. Two: We need to get their tags off and onto us. Three: We need to get on the truck and travel two miles without having to demorph. Four: We need to get inside the meatpacking plant and avoid being turned into Salisbury steak. Five: We find out what's going on there that has Visser Three so happy and bust it up." [...]
"So if we go in, we go in as cows? Cows? In a slaughterhouse?"
Jake and Marco[src]

In order to infiltrate a meatpacking plant that the Yeerks had purchased, the Animorphs decided to use steer morphs to enter the facility. Rather than having them all morph, Jake decided that Ax and Tobias would morph the steer since, if they had to demorph in a state of emergency, they would not expose the Animorphs as human. The others would then morph flies and stay inside the steer's nostrils. However, because steer are neutered bulls and DNA is unaffected by neutering, Ax and Tobias morphed bulls instead. Ax also briefly morphed a cow, mistaking it for a steer.[1] When Kelly joined the Auxiliary Animorphs, she used a bull as her battle morph.[2]


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