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For wildcats, see tiger, lion, jaguar or cheetah. For Tobias' cat, see Dude. For Melissa Chapman's cat, see Fluffer McKitty
Fluffer McKitty from The Visitor inside cover hi res

A cat; inside cover of The Visitor

"It's called a cat. An Earth species used as a pet. The humans keep them close and find comfort in them." [...]
"What a ferocious little beast. See how he did not back away or run? I am many times his size and yet he struck at me. A pity that the species is too small to serve as a host. [...] Claws and teeth and ferocity mixed with the subtlety to manipulate creatures larger than itself. A worthy creature."
Iniss 226 and Esplin 9466[src]

The cat, commonly referred to as the domestic cat or house cat, is a small domesticated mammal native to Earth. It was Tobias' first morph, as well as the first morph ever done by an Animorph. Two male cats were notably kept as pets; Dude, formerly owned by Tobias and the basis of his morph, and Fluffer McKitty, the pet of Melissa Chapman whom Rachel acquired.


"Marco grabbed Fluffer in mid-pounce. Fluffer rewarded him with a nasty slash of his claws. Marco yelled and almost dropped the cat. Jake grabbed Fluffer by the nape of the neck and Cassie ran up with the animal carrier. The three of them managed to stuff the squalling, hissing, slashing Fluffer into the carrier and close the door. [...] I guess Fluffer was tired of causing trouble. He was actually asleep in the cat carrier. Sleeping like nothing at all was going on. A typical cat. He even purred as I acquired him."

In The Invasion, set in 1997,[1] Tobias acquired his pet tabby cat Dude, making it his first morph acquisition as well as the first acquisition ever done by an Animorph.[2]

A little over a week later, the Animorphs hatched a plan to capture Melissa Chapman's pet tomcat, Fluffer McKitty, with Rachel luring him out of a tree with a shrew morph. Jake and Marco were severely scratched as they captured Fluffer and threw him into a cat carrier, where he quickly fell asleep. Rachel then demorphed and acquired Fluffer while he was still in the carrier.[3]


Tobias as dude

Tobias morphed as his tabby cat

"Tobias morphed a cat very early on, didn't he?"
"Yeah. His first morph. The first morph any of us did."
"Rachel, you need to remember if you go in there tonight that you have to stay in cat character. Most people would just think it was weird if a cat acted strangely. But Chapman may be able to guess what's going on if Fluffer suddenly starts acting un-catlike."
Rachel, Jake and Cassie[src]

In 1997,[1] the morning after meeting Elfangor-Sirinial-Shamtul and gaining the power to morph, Tobias acquired and morphed into his pet tabby cat, Dude. While in mid-morph, Tobias was attacked by Dude, forcing him to put Dude aside before completing the morph. Upon completing the morph, Tobias leaped three feet into the air and landed on his dresser. Tobias then demorphed and walked to Jake's house to inform him that the morphing ability was real. When Jake refused to believe him, Tobias morphed into his cat once more. He then jumped four feet into the air and landed perfectly on a baseball before playing with a string. Tobias was encouraged by the cat's instincts, relishing the idea of hunting a mouse, which taught the Animorphs that the animal's instincts were still present while morphed.[2]

Rachel in cat morph GN2

Rachel morphed as Fluffer McKitty

Less than two weeks later, the Animorphs decided to spy Hedrick Chapman and decided to morph into his daughter Melissa's pet tomcat Fluffer McKitty so that they could gain access into his house. Rachel morphed into Fluffer and spied on all the members of the Chapman family, including overseeing a hologram meeting between Iniss 226 and Esplin 9466, the Yeerk known as Visser Three. Rachel then morphed into Fluffer to revisit the Chapman Residence the next day, although she was caught by Iniss and Visser Three. Rachel was then put into a cat carrier before being transported to the Blade ship, which was parked at the Abandoned Construction Site. Rachel partially demorphed her fingers so that she could open the cage door from within before remorphing into the cat to run. She was then picked up by Tobias, in his red-tailed hawk form, and flown to safety.[3]

In 1999,[4] Rachel morphed into the cat once more while Cassie morphed into a white rat so that they could sneak into a teacher's house and steal a test that Cassie accidentally wrote "Cassie loves Jake" on.[5]

In late 1999,[6] Rachel morphed into the cat for a final time, using the morph to spy outside of a Borders in preparation for a meeting with Sub-Visser Fifty-One.[7]


Known Morphers[]


Elfangor eye closeup andalite chron "Someone took a picture of me? Not cool. Do you see what I'm wearing? I'm Spandex-boy. Totally not cool."

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