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Cassie's House was a farm house where Cassie lived with her parents.


The farmhouse is located in California,[2] and was owned by Cassie's family since the American Civil War.[3] By the 1990s, the house was the residence of Walter,[4] who ran the Wildlife Rehabilitation Clinic out of a barn on the farm,[5] his wife Michelle,[4] who was the head veterinary at The Gardens, and their daughter Cassie, a student who often helped take care of the animals and the barn.[5]

In 1997,[6] Cassie's family was preparing dinner at home when Jake called, wishing to speak with her, although Michelle informed Jake that Cassie was not home and that she was worried. Cassie had been kidnapped outside of the house by a police officer Controller, although the Animorphs were able to save her, allowing Cassie to return home with her parents unaware of what transpired.[5]




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