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"I had arranged with everyone to hook up at Cassie's farm. It isn't exactly a normal farm, although it had been in the old days. And they do still have horses and a cow. But now the big red main barn is the Wildlife Rehabilitation Clinic. Cassie's father runs it."

Cassie's Farm is the farmland property owned by Cassie's parents, Walter and Michelle. Bordering a national forest, the property also includes the farm house and a barn, which serves as the Wildlife Rehabilitation Clinic.


"You know this farm has been in my family since the Civil War?"
"Do I know that? Puh-leeze. I had Thanksgiving with your family last year, you may remember. Your great-grandmother gave me the complete history."
Cassie and Jake[src]

This farm, situation in California,[2] was within Cassie's family since the American Civil War.[3] It was originally a traditional farm, with horses and cows, but by the 1990s it ceased to its professional farming operations. The horses and cows on the farm were instead for kept privately by Cassie's family, with the horses ridden by Cassie for fun. The farmhouse was used as the residence for the family while the main red barn on the farm was instead used as a clinic to help injured non-pet animals, professionally run by Walter as the Wildlife Rehabilitation Clinic.[4]

On a Saturday morning in 1997,[5] Cassie, who had just received the morphing ability the night prior, decided to test out her newfound powers by acquiring one of the horses on her farm. She was soon contacted by Jake, who informed her that he and Tobias had also morphed and wished to have a meeting with the others at her farm. As Rachel arrived, Cassie continued to practice her morphing and found herself able to control specific aspects of the morphing process.

Cassie galloped across the farm as a horse while Tobias, Marco and eventually Jake arrived. As she began demorphing, she controlled it to make herself equally half-human and half-horse, similar to a centaur. However, before she could finish demorphing, a police cruiser suddenly pulled into the farm. Cassie successfully demorphed and the officer stared at Cassie for a while before asking them if they knew anything about kids being at the construction site. When they claimed they did not know anything, the man told Jake to join The Sharing before leaving the farm. On Monday, Cassie was doing chores on the farm, with the horses all kept in the stables, when the policeman from Saturday, who was a Controller, returned to the farm and kidnapped Cassie, dragging her to the Yeerk pool. The other four animal morphers, now calling themselves Animorphs, managed to rescue Cassie, who returned safely back to her house on the farm. Due to the policeman's death, Cassie was safe to continue residing on the farm without fear of the Yeerks returning.[4]


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  • Cassie's farm is situated a mile away from the suburbs where the other human Animorphs lived, and was only a three minute flight from the suburbs to Cassie's farm.[6]



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