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"Every alien race we've encountered has been benign. But this race, the race that built this ghost ship, was not. The evidence is that they respond with extreme violence to even the slightest provocation. Extreme violence. They call themselves Capasins."

The Capasins were a violent race from Quadrant Three that would attack whenever it felt threatened. Their violent nature combined with their space travel abilities made them a dangerous species, although they are not as ruthless as the Yeerks. They would even destroy entire worlds if they thought they were threatened, as seen in The Ellimist Chronicles.

First Contact with Ket[]

The Capasins first received a virtual game broadcast from the inhabitants of the Polar High Crystal, one of the thirty-two Ketran factions. The Capasin believed these games were real and responded by sending a probe to investigate Ket. When the Ketrans sent a probe to intercept it the Capasin ship destroyed the Ketran probe. However the Ketrans managed to leech information from the Capasin probe with a second probe and managed to find out some basic information about the Capasins. The Capasins mistook this act as hostility and quickly launched a counter attack.

Massacre of Ket[]

Sometime in the early stages of the Ellimist's life, a group of Ketrans that were part of the Polar High Crystal sent a broadcast through space of some of the games played by Ketrans. These games were virtual and involved pitting one species against another and having one species destroy the other one. The Capasins however thought that the virtual games were real and they sent a battlegroup to Ket to destroy and kill its species. The Ketrans, with no real weapons, could not defend themselves. Thousands of Ketrans died at the hands of the Capasin warships. However Menno revealed that the Capasins were not here for conquest or for cruelty, but to stop who they believed were a race of "meddlers." The MCQ3, a Ketran space ship, managed to save only 72 Ketrans from the Capasins, a mix of Tropicals and Polars.