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The Hidden

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The Hidden


Killed via Dracon beam

"I zoned out for a minute while they bantered back and forth, thinking of the buffalo and how bravely it had fought side by side with us. Had it done it because the human DNA in his veins had stirred and somehow linked us together? Or had it simply been following his buffalo instincts and done whatever he had to do to protect its adopted herd? Or had it been a little of both? I'd never know for sure, but I did understand the buffalo better. Its survival and protective instincts were strong, fiercely and powerfully strong, and in that way, we were the same."

The buffa-human was an African Cape Buffalo who accidentally gained the power to morph and morphed into Hedrick Chapman and Alloran-Semitur-Corrass after acquiring them. He was later killed by the Yeerks via Dracon beam.


"Cassie, we can't have an animal roaming around out here morphing Chapman! And what if it touches something else? What if it goes around acquiring, I don't know, everything, because it doesn't know any better!"

The Buffa-human is an African Cape Buffalo that accidentally gained the power to morph from the Escafil device. During his rampaging he acquired Hedrick Chapman's and Alloran-Semitur-Corrass' DNA. After saving Cassie from the Ant-Cassie, the Buffa-human was killed by a Controller firing a Dracon beam from a helicopter.[1]

Buffa-Human's MorphsEdit

Morph Book Acquired
Human (Hedrick Chapman) The Hidden
Andalite (Alloran-Semitur-Corrass)


  1. The Hidden
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