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"I was feeling pretty relaxed, gazing out of a window down at the Mercora who were busily working in the fields tending their broccoli. Yes, broccoli. Turns out broccoli isn't even from Earth originally. The Mercora imported it from their home planet. Which explains a lot, I think."

Broccoli is an edible vegetable that was brought to Earth by the Mercora during the age of dinosaurs. When the Mercora were killed during the K–T extinction, broccoli still remained on the planet and became food consumed by humans.


"Eat the broccoli, Jake, it's good for you. It's full of trace minerals and vitamins you can't get anywhere else."
"Okay. You know how much I love trace minerals."
Jean and Jake[src]

During the age of dinosaurs, an alien species known as the Mercora migrated to Earth, bringing with them broccoli, a plant native to their homeworld. Upon settling on Earth, the Mercora began planting and tending to their broccoli fields. When a Sario Rip sent the Animorphs back in time to this era, they were hosted by the Mercora, who fed them broccoli. The Mercora were feuding with the Nesk, another group of aliens that had also settled nearby. Believing that they were there to fulfill a predestination paradox, Tobias had Ax redirect a passing comet to hit Earth, with the impact killing the dinosaurs along the Mercora and the Nesk, as well as triggering another Sario Rip to transport the Animorphs back to their original time. Despite this, broccoli survived the incident and continued to remain on Earth.[1]

By the era of humanity, broccoli became a common food consumed by humans. During a family dinner, Jake's mother Jean reminded him to eat his broccoli, informing him that it was full of trace minerals and vitamins, to which Jake obliged.[2]