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"The Blue Bands. Visser One's elite Hork-Bajir guard. Part Green Beret. Part armored car. Pure terror. "

The Blue Band Squadron were the elite fighting force guards of the Yeerk Empire, comprised of the strongest Hork-Bajir-Controllers, who were loyal to Esplin 9466 after he became Visser One.


Fighting Rachel and Marco[]

"I am Grath. I am the leader of the elite Blue Band Squadron. You will surrender or you will die."
"Surrender? He doesn't know me very well. A Hork-Bajir's gonna die on this pier, Mr. Grath. But it's not gonna be me."
―Grath and Rachel to Marco[src]

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Attack at the Hork-Bajir Valley[]

"You know my eyes aren't great at night. But I could make out at least one company of heavily armed Hork-Bajir. More than a hundred strong. And they have blue bands around their arms."

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Battle at the Midtown Bio-Services Facility[]

"The Blue Bands had been standing at attention. Not moving, not blinking, barely breathing. Now they leaped forward in one precise movement. Like automatic weapons."

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Ambush at the School for the Blind[]

"The door flew open. Ten Blue Band Hork-Bajir-Controllers stormed in. Overwhelmed Ax before he could react. Aimed Dracon beams at Tobias and Marco."

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Ambush on the Subway[]

"Just then, I heard the doors at the back of the car slide open. And looked up to see a squadron of three Blue Band Hork-Bajir clumping toward us. They must have been hiding on the train all along."

Three Blue Band Hork-Bajir attempt to ambush Ax, Marco and Cassie while the latter three Animorphs have hijacked a subway train filled with explosives headed towards the Yeerk pool. The Blue Bands are easily defeated when James, in red-tailed hawk morph, attacks them, causing them veer off-balance when the train turns and resulting in all three dying when they grab a metal bar that a live wire comes into contact with.