849h5wnroitk 849h5wnroitk 26 June 2020

If Animorphs was during COVID-19

As you all probably know, Yeerks need to return to a Yeerk pool every three days to soak in Kandrona rays.


With the stay-at-home order in place (hopefully), any human-Controllers would not be able to do that.

The Yeerks' plan to conquer Earth would have been killed by a virus.


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GloryBringerFireFly GloryBringerFireFly 26 November 2018

Animorph Parodies

Hey, people! I thought it would be fun to do some Parodies! I have a few already, but I'll wait 'till people start replying. So, if you have any songs for the Animorph Characters, please reply to this blog post and tell me about it!

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Ineni Ineni 31 January 2016

Wiki Adoption

Planning to adopt the wiki to move all the Animorphs articles on wikipedia here before they are deleted. I also want to clean it up a bit. Need the approval of the handful of people on here first. Yea or Nay?

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Concernedalien11780 Concernedalien11780 6 August 2015

My name is Concernedalien11780...

My name is Concernedalien11780. Despite sharing my real name in my bio on my talk page here, I won't use it in this blog. I also won't talk about where I live either, despite having done the same thing for where I live as my real name. I mean, screennames protect us from the Yeerks, right? Or worse, trolls? Because, like Controllers, trolls are also controlled by their environment to do things that they wouldn't do otherwise and try to manipulate others into joining them in trying to spread tyranny. Eh, just kidding. I have been a fan of Animorphs ever since I started reading the books in 2nd grade and reading many different titles in the franchise throughout elementary and middle school. I wasn't able to read them anymore after 6th grade …

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J.J. Chambers J.J. Chambers 31 May 2015



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Mike458 Mike458 26 February 2012

News for NFM fans! Animorphs Special!

Hi guys! I'm right now working on a Need For Madness Animorphs edtion! It isn't finished yet, and it won't be for a while. Right now, I have two Yeerk Pools finished, and am working on the construction site. Here's the details:

Jake- Tornado Shark

Marco- Kool Kat

Cassie- Nimi

Rachel- La Vita Crab

Tobias- MAX Revenge

(I am NOT including Ax as he will make the game "Broken".)

All other cars are morphs with the exceptions:

M A S H E E N- Taxxons

EL KING- Hork Bajir

Blade Ship (working on it)- Visser Three

Sword of Justce- Human Controllers

More cars will be added soon!

As a substitute for the two hour time limit, I cut it down to only FIVE minutes. To morph, you'll need to drive through a fixing hoop with a car "statue" in front of it. The statue in front…

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Jamer31 Jamer31 29 November 2011

Bring back the Animorphs!

Bring the back animorphs back either a seies or a movie. Click the link below to sign the petition:

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Gormagon Gormagon 20 June 2011

What are we allowed to put as content?

Yo,i work mostly on this site called Gateworld fleets which has been experianceing vandalism btw,so if my link leads to offensive material sorry,anyways,i was wondering,are we allowed to put non animorphs cannon information into this site? Because for a few years me and my freinds made up dozens of races,technologys,ships,planets,materials(ok,mostly me) That we used for games that we played for hours and hours. So,is it cool if i put some the stuff on this site?Gormagon 18:50, June 20, 2011 (UTC)

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Mpica Mpica 10 March 2011

just talking

hi people my favorite charater is ax be ause i love to eat especally home made cinnomon buns or as ax says buns sincerly soldier wiki

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Tobiasfangor Tobiasfangor 19 September 2010

animorph fan

hi! im new to this web site and i think its awesome. i can edit a page without problems unlike wikipedia. i love how much information there is on the animorphs! and i cant wait to talk to other animorph fans. i havent found another animorph fan as obsessed as me... actually i havent met another animorph fan at all. so please comment on this post. thanks, cant wait to meet u! tobias rules!!!

p.s., im a grl. dont b fooled by the username. lol!


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