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"The Blade ship is far larger than the Bug fighters, and very different. It is jet-black. It's built like some kind of battle-ax from the middle ages, with two curved ax-head wings, and a long, diamond-pointed "handle" aimed forward."

A Blade ship is a Visser's personal fighter and spacecraft.


"Visser Three's ship was built like some ancient weapon. It reminded me of one of those battle-axes the old-time knights used when they were hacking off the heads of their foes. There was a main part, like the handle of the ax, with a big, triangular point on the front. That part had to be the bridge. At the rear were two huge, scimitar wings. It was eight or ten times the size of the Bug fighters."

The design resembles a battle-axe. The axe's "handle" is the ship's bridge, while the "blades" are two large wings at the end. Blade ships were first constructed on the Hork-Bajir homeworld. The blades are inspired by Hork-Bajir physiology.



"The Yeerks are also constructing a new type of ship, quite large, very heavily armed. It seems almost to have been inspired by Hork-Bajir physiology. We... Aldrea and I... have taken to calling it a Blade ship."
Dak Hamee[src]

In 1968, after conquering the Hork-Bajir homeworld, the Yeerks began mining, using their newfound knowledge to create Dracon beams, Bug fighters and Blade ships, replacing the stolen Ongachic, Hawjabran and Andalite spacecraft they had stolen.


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