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Tobias' true form – the red-tailed hawk.

"We hoped there were no bird-watchers down in the woods. We made a very unlikely flock – a red-tailed hawk, a falcon, a harrier, a bald eagle, and two ospreys. We kept some distance between us so it wouldn't be too obvious that we were together."

A bird morph is a morph used predominantly for aerial utility. The Animorphs each acquired these morphs for transportation, aerial travel, reconnaissance and infiltration purposes. The Animorphs also possess bird-of-prey morphs, a series of raptor morphs which, in addition to the aforementioned uses, are also employed for battle or quicker flight purposes if needed.

Bird Morphs: Animorphs

"We were a weird squadron. A bald eagle, a pair of ospreys, a northern harrier, a red-tailed hawk, and a peregrine falcon."
Morphable character Raptor Morph Secondary Flight Morphs
Jake Peregrine Falcon Seagull, Great Horned Owl, Brown Bat
Rachel Bald Eagle Seagull, Great Horned Owl, Brown Bat
Tobias Red-Tailed Hawk Seagull, Brown Bat, Mallard Drake
Cassie Osprey Seagull, Great Horned Owl, Brown Bat
Marco Osprey Seagull, Great Horned Owl, Brown Bat, Mallard Drake, Eagle
Ax Northern Harrier Seagull, Great Horned Owl, Brown Bat, Mallard Drake
David North American Golden Eagle Seagull
James Peregrine Falcon Pigeon, Red-Tailed Hawk


  • All of the Auxiliary Animorphs acquired birds to serve as their flight morphs, with four of the seventeen (James, Collette, Kelly and Timmy) acquiring pigeons while the rest acquired and morphed into Tobias's red-tailed hawk. James is the only Auxiliary Animorph identified with his own unique raptor morph, a peregrine falcon.
  • Andalite arisths usually acquire the kafit bird, a twelve-winged bird from their world, as their flight morph of choice.
  • When the Yeerks acquired the Escafil Device, morph-capable Yeerks typically chose either the peregrine falcon or the golden eagle as their bird morphs. One Yeerk squad leader in The Absolute chose a red-tailed hawk morph.