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Back to Before

"I know you can still hear me, Tobias. Now do you see what I meant? You have to give something up human, to be a part of something larger."
―Bill to Tobias[src]

Bill was a full member of The Sharing and Controller. He inducted served as Tobias' guide and inducted him into full membership in the alternate timeline presented in Back to Before.


Guiding TobiasEdit

"Well, each of us has talents and abilities hidden within us. Who knows what you can do, Tobias? Have you ever had a chance to find out? That's what The Sharing is all about, man. The whole point is we all help each other to become the best people we can become."

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Inducting TobiasEdit

"The individual has to give up something to get something in return."
"Yeah. I know. I've been listening to the speeches and all."
"You trade a little bit of freedom for a lot of belonging to something bigger than yourself. Bigger than you can imagine. A full member of The Sharing is a special person. A rare and special person. This is just the surface, Tobias. We are about bigger things. We are going to make this a better world."
"Yeah. Change is coming, Tobias. And you'll be part of it. You have no idea. You think you're just some kid, some kid going to school. You have no idea of the untapped potential deep inside yourself. You have no idea what you can become. What you can accomplish."
―Bill and Tobias[src]

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