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The Gardens

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The Invasion

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The Invasion
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"Human bones thickened. Arms shot out. My skull shifted. Back, then up. My face flattened. Jaw jutted forward. My skin darkened to a glistening black, and waves of coarse dark hair swept down my body. I was Big Jim."

Big Jim is a Silverback gorilla housed in The Gardens and acquired by Marco as his main battle morph.

Biography[edit | edit source]

"This is Big Jim's cage. He just came over from another zoo, so he's in his own private environment for now. He's very gentle."

Big Jim is an adult male silverback gorilla living in a habitat at The Gardens.[1]

When the Animorphs intially entered The Gardens to acquire battle morphs to attack the Yeerk pool, it was Marco who acquired Big Jim. Big Jim was Marco's very first morph, and became his primary battle morph.

Later when the Animorphs began recruiting new members, one of the new recruits also acquired a gorilla morph in the Gardens; it is unknown whether this gorilla is Big Jim or not.

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