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Between Friends Episode

Between Friends

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Between Friends is an episode in the TV series. It is loosely based on The Visitor.


Official Summary[]

Tobias finally shows up and nothing will ever be the same....Meanwhile, Rachel's best friend Melissa (the daughter of human-Controller Principal Chapman) is acting strange and distant. When Rachel and Jake are captured in cat and dog morph, the Animorphs are in danger of becoming part of the animal kingdom...forever.


Between Friends 2

Rachel and Tobias

Now that it's certain that Tobias  is trapped in his hawk morph, Rachel  attempts to rescue her friend, Melissa Chapman, from infestation. When it turns out that Melissa's father, Principal Chapman , is an important Controller and Rachel is captured and taken to Visser Three , the Animorphs must rescue her and avoid recklessly endangering themselves.  

Morphs used[]

Morphable character Morph
Jake Golden Retriever (Homer )
Rachel Melissa Chapman's Cat
Marco None
Cassie None
Tobias Red-tailed Hawk (nothlit)

VHS releases[]

US releases[]

  • Part 2: Nowhere to Run ("Between Friends"; "The Message", and "The Reaction")

Australia releases[]

  • Volume 2 ("On the Run", "Between Friends" and "The Message")
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(zoom in on Rachel reading in her bed)

(Rachel hears a hawk screech, puts book down. Goes over to window, opens it. Leans out)

Rachel: Hello? (turns back to window. Pauses, then quickly turns around to window again. Gasps. A hawk flies in her window and lands on her bed) Tobias: <It's okay, it's me.>

Rachel: Tobias!

Tobias: <Hey, Rachel.>

Rachel: We thought they'd got you. What happened?

Tobias: <Back at the Yeerk pool, I guess getting away took more than two hours.>

Rachel: No. Tobias, concentrate. Concentrate hard, you have to change back!

Tobias: <Ive tried.>

Rachel: Try. Harder.

Tobias: <It's no use. Elfangor warned us, he was right. I can't change back.>

(Rachel looks away)

Theme Song interrupts here.

(Rachel walking through halls at school, interspersed with images of Tobias, both human (from when he and Rachel walked home together) and when he visited her as a hawk)

Rachel (VO): My name is Rachel. My friend Tobias can usually change back and forth, from human to animal, like the rest of us. But this time he went over the limit, and now he's trapped in the body of a hawk. We have to help him. (goes to her locker, opens it)

Marco: (closes Rachel's locker) I can't believe it.

Jake: (next to Marco( At least he's still alive.

Rachel: And we can hear his thoughts.

Marco: When he wants us to. You think we could find a more crowded place to talk about this?

Jake: Yeah, you're right.

Rachel: 6:30 tonight at the barn?

Jake: I'll tell Cassie. C'mon (he and Marco leave)

Rachel: (turns around, sees Melissa coming around corner. Goes to see her at her locker.) Hey, Melissa, What's up?

Melissa: (putting books away) Nothing.

Rachel: So, how's The Sharing? You still going to the meetings?

Melissa: Yeah, I go. (starts to walk up stairs)

Rachel: Uh, how's your dad?

Melissa: (stops) Uh, hello. He's the principal. You see him every day.

Rachel: Right, I knew that. (Melissa starts to walk up stairs again) Hey, can I come over to your house after school?

Melissa: (stops and turns around) Why?

Rachel: Just to hang?

Melissa: We shouldn't. (Rachel looks confused) My dad doesn't like me to have friends over after school.

Rachel: Since when?

Melissa: For awhile. I'll see you later. (Goes back up stairs) (cut to everybody, including Tobias, at Cassie's barn)

Rachel: (leaning back on something) We have to do something! (Walks over to Jake) Jake: (looking at a shelf) I don't think we should do anything right now.

Rachel: Why not?

Jake: We've had way too many close calls. (walks away)

Rachel: (walks after him) And meanwhile, the Yeerks continue taking over and Tobias is stuck as a hawk?

Cassie: That's not fair, you know we all want to help him, right.

Jake: (walking behind Cassie) We have to have a plan, that's all I'm saying.

Rachel: Look, Mr. Chapman is obviously an important controller, right? Melissa has a cat, I think I should acquire it and get into his house.

Marco: (lounging in a hay loft) While you're at it, get the answers to our finals.

(Cassie looks up incredulously at Marco)

Marco: What good is it if we defeat the Yeerks, and then can't get into college?

Rachel: I ran into Melissa this morning, she's different. Scared. Something's happened, I want to help her before her father turns her into one of them.

Jake: If you get caught that's exactly what's gonna happen to you. (pause) What do you think, Tobias?

Tobias: <No one wants to stop the Yeerks more than me, but Jake's right.>

Jake: For now, we keep a low profile, okay?

(Rachel looks away)

Marco: Real low profile, we're kickin' and talkin' to a hawk.

(cut to Chapman and Melissa eating dinner)

Melissa:Is your dinner okay?

Chapman: (looks up from plate, pauses, smiles a fake smile) It's both satisfying and delicious. From now on whenever your mother's away, you're the substitue chef.

(Melissa smiles shyly)

(cut to Rachel sneaking around outside Chapman's house. Knocks screwdriver off counter, attracts Chapman's attention inside)

(Chapman gets up from the table and goes to the door)

Melissa: What's wrong?

(Chapman looks out glass door, doesn't see Rachel. Goes back to dinner)

Rachel: (by another door of the house, opens can of tuna, sets it down in front of cat door, opens cat door and waves the tuna smell in the house) C'mon, free dinner. C'mon, it's tuna (picks up can) Dolphin friendly and everything. C'mon, here kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty. (cat comes out, picks up cat) Gotcha!

Jake: (sneaking around in Chapman's yard. Sees Rachel acquiring cat. Rachel starts to morph, stands up) Ra--

(Rachel goes in cat door)

Chapman: (sees cat/Rachel jumping up on counter) Cat!

(Melissa looks back at Rachel/cat)

Chapman: That cat is a nuisance.

Melissa: (looks back at Chapman) But I thought you loved him?

Chapman: (smiles fake smile) Well, now I don't. (he and Melissa go back to dinner)

(Rachel jumps down off counter, goes downstairs, demorphs, starts searching Chapman's desk area. Pulling things off walls, rifling through desk papers)

(Chapman suddenly gets up from table, heads in direction of basement)

Melissa: (turns around in chair to see Chapman) Dad?

Chapman: (stops, looks back at Melissa) Yes?

Melissa: Can you quiz me on my history test tonight?

Chapman: I'm sure you'll do a competent job.

Melissa: But you always help me.

Chapman: (looks away as if remembering) Of course I do. Why don't you start without me? (leans down and gives Melissa a very awkward kiss on the head. Goes downstairs)

(Rachel still frantically looking through the desk.)

Jake: (in yard, looking at watch) C'mon Rachel, let's go.

(Rachel hears Chapman coming downstairs, morphs back to cat just before he gets to the basement)

Jake: (sees real cat go in house) Oh, man!

Chapman: (sees Rachel) Cat!

(Chapman goes over to a wall with tools on it, hits it, and it opens like a door. He walks through, Rachel follows. Real cat slips in as door closes.) (in a very dark room, Chapman turns on a holographic communication with Visser Three. Rachel and cat are behind Chapman)

Chapman: (bowing head) Greetings, Visser.

Visser Three: <You're late!>

Chapman: My apologies, Visser. My host's daughter was suspicious. These humans, frankly, I can't understand them. It won't happen again.

Visser Three: <It wouldn't happen at all if she were under Yeerk control.>

Chapman: Sir, with all due respect--

Visser Three: <Are you disagreeing with me?>

Chapman: Oh, no, Visser. I-I didn't mean to--

Visser Three: <Silence! The homing device operation was a fiasco. Our scientists have failed to unlock the disk. I want those Andalite bandits caught and the secret of the disk extracted from them. By force if necessary.>

Chapman: Oh, yes, Visser. I'm (steps backwards onto a cat's tail. Looks up at V3) Cat!

Visser Three: (looks over at where both cat and Rachel are now sitting) Your host has twin cats?

Chapman: (looks up in amazement) Andalite! But, which one?

Visser Three: < No matter. Bring them both to me. >

Chapman: (walks towards cats) C'mere. Yes, good kitty. (one jumps down) Visser Three: <Yes! That's the one! Grab it!>

Chapman: (grabs Rachel) Gotcha! (walks back in front of Visser Three) Visser Three: <When you bring that thing to me, bring your hosts' daughter along, I think it's time the girl joined us on our adventure, don't you?> (hologram blinks out)

(cut to Jake sneaking around outside Chapman's house. Looks around corner of hosue to see Chapman bringing Rachel in cat carrier to van)

(when Chapman starts van and starts to leave, Jake runs after it, morphing Homer) Chapman: (approaches a huge house with a gate. Puts in a security code at a console near the gate) Iniss two-two-six for Mr. Trent.

(a red laser scans Chapman's ear, detects Yeerk, and allows him to pass. Jake doesn't get through before gate closes, and runs to fence and starts to dig under. Chapman drives down a driveway with Hork-Bajir standing around. Carries Rachel in cat carrier to courtyard, two men with flashlights come up next to him.)

(Jake digs all the way under fence and gets to other side)

Visser Three: <Iniss two-two-six.>

Chapman: Visser Three.

Visser Three: (tail whips forward and slices the head off a statue)

Chapman: Yes, Visser. It does. (brings carrier up to show V3) (Jake demorphs in bushes and watches) Visser Three: <Good evening. Heh heh heh, my appearance disturbs you.> (morphs human. Looks himself over.) An inferior form, this Victor Trent. But the man's wealth and power makes him a useful tool. (takes Rachel out of carrier) Save yourself some pain, Andalite. Return to your real form and we will get on with your infestation.

Jake: (whispers) Hang in there, cousin.

Visser Three: (puts Rachel back in carrier) Your Andalite pride is as absurd as the shape you're in. Well, your two hour time limit must almost be up. I shall wait one hour, then I will have you destroyed. Slowly. Take him away! (looks up at Chapman) Now, onto our next piece of business, I believe you have something else that belongs to me?

Chapman: I...I...

Visser Three: Let me refresh your memory. You brought your hosts' daughter, now go and get her.

Chapman: I...

Visser Three: Is there some problem? (yelling) Bring me the girl!

Chapman: I...

Visser Three: You're starting to bore me, Iniss two-two-six, and let me tell you this, if you don't like me when I'm angry, you're going to hate me when I'm bored.

(Jake comes up in Homer morph and bites Visser Three, knocking him to the ground. Jake runs to Rachel, dodging controllers.)

Visser Three: It's another Andalite! Catch it!

Jake: <Rachel!>

Rachel: <Jake! Watch out!>

Jake: (controllers come and put a rope around his neck) <Rachel, the got me!>

Rachel: <Jake? I'm sorry.>

Jake: <Don't worry. We're gonna get out of this> (controller ties him to a bench)

Visser Three: (looks at Chapman) Now, two-two-six, I've had enough of your foolishness. (walks away with Chapman following behind)

Rachel: (trying to get paws through bars) <It's no use! I can't open it!>

Visser Three: (looking in Chapman's car window) Where is she? Where is the girl?

Chapman: That's what I was trying to tell you, Visser. Chapman, my host, volunteered for infestation under one condition, that his daughter be left alone.

Visser Three: (steps right in front of Chapman) WHAT?! You struck a deal with one of these primate lowlifes? We are Yeerks! NOT used-car salesman! We do not negotiate with these creatures. Understood?! (walks away)

Chapman: (looks after Visser Three) No!

Visser Three: (turns around) What did you say?

Chapman: NO!!! (runs at Visser Three, knocks him down. Other controllers run to help V3)

Rachel: <Jake! Now's our chance! My two hours are almost up!>

(Jake starts to pull at rope)

Rachel: <What're you doing?>

Jake: <I'm gonna get this off>

Chapman: (pulled off Visser Three by controllers) LEAVE MY DAUGHTER ALONE!

Visser Three: Hold him still.

Chapman: NO!

Visser Three: (puts hand over Chapman's face) Regain your host, Iniss two-two-six, (Chapman shakes head 'no')

Rachel: (as Jake pulls at rope) <Hurry, Jake!>

Visser Three: That is an order. Regain. Your. Host.

(Jake breaks rope, runs to Rachel's cage, and starts pulling at the door)

Rachel: <That's it!>

Chapman: Yes. Yes, Visser.

(Visser Three releases Chapman, and gently pats him on the cheek)

Rachel: (Jake pulls door open, she runs out) <Alright, Jake!>

Jake: <Let's go, run!>

Visser Three: Now, as for the Andalites... (looks back and sees Jake and Rachel running) NO!!! (turns to controllers) Get them! I want them alive!

Jake: <C'mon, Rachel! Move!>

Rachel: <I'm right behind you!>

Jake: <We're getting closer, let's go, hurry up!>

Rachel: <I'm going as fast as I can!>

Jake: <C'mon, this way! They're right behind us, watch out!>

(a controller fires a dracon beam, which hits a tree. Tobias swoops down on controllers. Jake slides out under the hole in the fence, Rachel right behind)

(back to Chapman and Visser Three) Visser Three: (looks at Chapman) Bring me the girl. Now.

Chapman: May I make a suggestion, Visser?

Visser Three: Make it good, Iniss two-two-six.

Chapman: Infesting the girl would only anger my host again. He could jepordize the secrecy of our mission. And if I may, her small size could be of little--

Visser Three: Enough. You've made your point. Alright, the Chapman girl shall remaind un-infested. For now, Iniss two-two-six, for now. (to other controllers) With me!

(cut to Rachel and Jake walking through woods. Tobias is on Jake's arm)

Rachel: Wow, Melissa's dad went through all that to protect her.

Jake: Sounds like she's going to be okay.

Rachel: I'm sorry I got you guys into this mess. (takes piece of rope off from around Jake's neck) It's my fault and I don't blame you if you're mad.

Jake: Mad? I'm not mad, Tobias, are you mad?

Tobias: <I'm impressed.>

Jake: What you did took major guts.

Rachel: Thanks, but you guys helped.

Jake: Well, what are friends for if they can't rescue you from evil space slugs? (all giggle)

Rachel: Well, it wasn't a total loss. We definetly know the Yeerks have Elfangor's disk and don't know how to work it. They think we do.

Jake: Then they're in for a long wait. I'll see you guys tomorrow.

(Tobias hops over to Rachel's arm)

Rachel: Goodnight, cuz.

Jake: Goodnight, Rach.

Tobias: <Later.>

Rachel: Are you okay?

Tobias: <Yeah. It's not so bad being a bird. No school, no homework, no curfew.>

Rachel: Remember that picture my sister took of us? (flashes of Sara taking the picture of Rachel and Tobias. Rachel gets picture out of her pocket)

Tobias: <Don't! Don't show it to me. >

Rachel: No, I think you should look at it. (holds picture where Tobias can see it) The guy in that picture is still you, and we're going to get him back. Inside your hawk's body, Tobias still exists. Don't ever forget that, okay?

Tobias: <Maybe I want to forget it.>

Rachel: (sighs) Goodnight, Tobias.

(Tobias flies off)

Rachel: (whispering) Goodnight, Tobias.

(next day at school)

(Melissa runs up stairs, gets a notebook out of her backpack. Rachel, who's coming down another flight of stairs, sees her and stops. A note falls out of Melissa's notebook. She reads it. It says: 'Melissa Your father loves you more than you know, only he can't show it. A Friend.')

Rachel: Melissa! (runs down stairs to meet her) Hey.

Mellisa: Wanna walk home?

Rachel: Yeah.

Rachel (VO): I know I probably shouldn't have written that note. Jake would say it's too risky. Marco, would just say it's sappy. But Melissa's dad gave up everything to save her from becoming a controller. And even if she never knows the truth, at least she knows he loves her. Isn't that what we're really fighting for anyway? For the people we love. And that's why someday, we'll win.