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"My host's own brother! Do you have any idea what you've done to me? All that time we were searching for you. Looking for Andalites. And it was you! Right there in my own house. Right down the hall."
Tom's Yeerk to Jake[src]

The Berenson Residence was a house in California where the Berenson family resided. Tobias also briefly lived in the attic secretly for a short while after he was trapped as a hawk.


The Berenson Residence was a two-story house in a nice neighborhood in California[2] where Steve, Jean, Tom and Jake Berenson lived in, along with Jake's pet golden retriever Homer.[3] The house was situated in the same neighborhood as Marco's first house[4] and was only a few blocks away from Naomi's House.[5] By the time Jake was thirteen, he was tasked with mowing the lawn every Saturday along with taking out the trash and doing the recycling.[3]

In 1997,[6] Jake returned home after he met Elfangor and fell right asleep. The next morning, a Saturday, Tobias visited the house in order to speak with Jake. After being greeted by Jean, Tobias was led to Jake's room, where he showcased his morphing ability by turning into his pet cat Dude. Jake then acquired and morphed into Homer in his room while placing the real Homer in his backyard. After he demorphed, Tobias went home while Jake went downstairs to call the others, informing them to meet him at Cassie's farm. As he got off the phone with Cassie, Tom walked into the kitchen to eat toast. After a conversation with Tom, Jake went outside to mow the lawn and take out the trash before leaving on his bike.

Two days later, on a Monday evening, the Berensons sat down for their family dinner, where they had to eat together with no television allowed. They ate chicken cacciatore as Jake's parents asked Jake what he spent the day doing. After Jake replied that he was hanging out with Marco, he asked Tom, who he now knew was infested by a Yeerk, if they could shoot hoops together, although "Tom" refused.[3] Temrash 114, the Yeerk controlling Tom,[7] then left the house as he needed to feed, with Jake leaving shortly after to go to the Yeerk pool later. Jake and "Tom" then returned back home later that night. Hours later, Tobias came to Jake's window and woke him up, informing him that he had passed the time limit and was now trapped in red-tailed hawk morph.[3] In order to give Tobias a new home, Jake removed a roof panel leading into his attic, where he put an old blanket in a drawer. Tobias then lived in Jake's attic, eating the meat portions of whatever Jake brought up for him. A few weeks later, Jake called for a meeting in his room after school, with his house being safe since "Tom" would be away at a meeting for The Sharing.[8]



  • The graphic novel depicts the Berenson Residence as possibly being a one-story house, whereas in the books, it is definitively a two-story house.


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