The Animorphs in their combat forms.

"Jake was in tiger morph; Rachel was a grizzly bear; Cassie was a wolf; and Tobias and Ax were their own handsome selves. Me, I went gorilla. Together we were a tough, deadly fighting team."

A battle morph, also known as a combat morph, is a morph used predominantly to fight or attack. The Animorphs each acquired morphs specifically for the purpose of fighting the Yeerks and standing against Hork-Bajir warriors. Each morpher for the most part had a primary and secondary battle morph.

Battle Morphs: Main Animorphs[]

"I glanced over at Jake, who'd morphed a sleek, deadly tiger. At Rachel, a massive, towering grizzly bear. Marco, a gorilla with enormous hands and the strength to tear a human apart limb from limb. At Ax and Tobias who'd chosen their own forms. An Andalite whose razor-tipped tail was as lethal as lightning and twice as fast. And a red-tailed hawk with talons created to puncture, rip, and tear."
Morphable character Primary Battle Morph Secondary Battle Morph
Jake Siberian Tiger Rhinoceros
Rachel Grizzly Bear African Elephant / Hork-Bajir
Tobias Red-tailed Hawk Hork-Bajir
Cassie Wolf Polar Bear
Marco Silverback Gorilla Wolf / King Cobra
Ax Andalite ---

Battle Morphs: Auxiliary Animorphs[]

Morphable character Battle Morph
James Lion
Collette Crocodile
Timmy Bobcat
Kelly Bull
Julio Grizzly Bear
Tricia Rhinoceros
Judy African Elephant
Ray Leopard

Battle Morphs: Other Morphers[]

Morphable character Primary Battle Morph Secondary Battle Morph
David Lion Golden Eagle

Tom's Yeerk

Cobra Jaguar


Jake morphing jaguar

  • In The Forgotten, the Animorphs (minus Tobias) acquire jaguars to use as their battle morph while trapped in a rainforest; however, the morph is rendered unusable due to the effects of the Sario Rip.
  • Andalites do not often use a battle morph, since their own bodies are well-equipped for battle, although Ax has sometimes morphed for battle, such as assuming a rattlesnake and cheetah morph when missions required him to fight in front of humans; Visser Three possessed a variety of morphs that he would use to battle the 'Andalite bandits', but he rarely used any of these morphs more than once and showed no sign of a specific favorite.
  • Although not listed above, many of the battle morphs are shared amongst the Animorphs. For example, all of them possess polar bear and Hork-Bajir morphs. Rachel, Cassie, Tobias, and Ax also have elephant morphs while Marco and Jake have a rhinoceros morph; Jake, Cassie, Marco and Rachel also all have wolf morphs. However, Cassie is the only member of the main Animorphs to lack a unique battle morph of her own. In The Hidden, she acquires a buffalo, and in The Unexpected, she acquires a kangaroo, but is never shown using them again after the events of these books.