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Rachel in her brown bat morph.

"They aren't as creepy as people think. Certainly not as creepy as morphing a spider. This particular bat was very small, just a few inches long. It looked like a mouse, with huge ears and the face of a Pekinese dog. If you forgot about the leathery wings, it was just another basic mammal."

A bat is a primarily nocturnal mammal native to Earth. The Animorphs acquired and used brown bats as a secondary noctural flight morph.


"Oh. I don't have a bat morph."
"Easily fixed in here. I'll bet there are a few hundred thousand bats hanging from the roof of this cave. Just hanging around and waiting for someone to come along and acquire their DNA."
Tobias and Cassie[src]

Jake, Rachel, Cassie, Marco and Ax acquire a brown bat, which is a patient at the Wildlife Rehabilitation Clinic, in order to steal the Pemalite crystal from the Matcom Corporation building in The Android. Tobias acquires his own brown bat morph in The Underground, when the Animorphs find themselves in a bat cave near the Yeerk Pool.


Matcom Building Heist[]

"Total darkness, can't touch walls, floor, or ceiling, and you have to travel through a room strung with sensitive wires you can't even see. Meet the animal that can do all that."

The Animorphs first morph bats in The Android, as Cassie suggests it is the ideal morph to steal the Pemalite crystal while flying in pitch blackness while avoiding sensitive wires.[1]

General Usage[]

Rachel morphing a brown bat.

"I morphed to brown bat and flew out of my open window. Bats aren't the fastest flyers in the world, but it was a moonless night, and I didn't want to risk running into power lines or anything that would be invisible."

The Animorphs, including Tobias, morph bats in The Underground in order to navigate through a bat cave, which leads to the Yeerk pool. They later remorph bats in order to escape the pool through the batcave.

Despite possessing an owl morph, Jake used the bat morph in order to fly from his house to a location, mostly the Wildlife Rehabilitation Clinic, in The Threat. The Animorphs used the morph again to navigate through Marco's body in The Journey, and Tobias used it briefly in The Test to locate Ax, who was in Taxxon morph.

Battle of Leera[]

"Bats! Not as fast, but very agile. And with echolocation we can fly close to the ground even in the dark."
"To the bat morph, Robin!"
Cassie and Marco[src]

In The Decision, they use bat morphs to navigate through Leera during the darkness, with Ax and Jake using it to travel through a cave containing echolocating creatures.

Infiltrating the New Earth Yeerk pool[]

"We Animorphs went in first, the six of us, in bat morph. Tobias had reported that real bats were in the area during the evening hours, which would allow us to blend in naturally."

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