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Bald Eagle GN2

Rachel in bald eagle morph

"I was a bald eagle! A bird of prey that could spot darting fish beneath the surface of a river or lake at a thousand feet! A bird that could dive for that swimming fish — that moving target — and catch it, still alive and squirming, in my talons' strong grip."

The bald eagle is the national bird of the United States of America. It was acquired by Rachel and served as her primary bird morph.


"Jake had a peregrine falcon morph we'd used before. Marco and Cassie had morphed ospreys. Rachel had been a bald eagle."

In The Visitor, set in 1997,[1] Rachel acquired a male[2] bald eagle to serve as her raptor morph, and was also her second acquired morph.[3]


"Rachel went into her bald eagle morph. I've seen her do it many times before, of course, but for some reason this time it fascinated me. Is that the right word? No, it mesmerized me. [...] But sometimes it seemed to me that this body suited her better than her own. Her own body misled people with superficial resemblances to the glossy images of magazine models. This body was Rachel: fast, strong, smart, intense, and dangerous."

The bald eagle was Rachel's raptor morph. Unlike the other Animorphs, Rachel's bald eagle morph possessed occasional troubles, as the eagle was too big to be as agile or speedy compared to her friends.[4] However, the eagle's bigger stature also allowed her to carry things while in flight that the others couldn't, such as a rifle[3] as well as Marco when he was in king cobra morph.[5] During Mean Rachel's existence, she used the bald eagle to hunt a fish and rip its heart out.[6]



  • In the original edition of The Visitor, Rachel refers to the bald eagle as an endangered species. In the 2011 Relaunch edition, the reprint changes Rachel's line so that she instead refers to the bald eagle as a national symbol. This is because in 1996, when the book was originally published, bald eagles were endangered, whereas by 2011, they no longer were.
  • The original edition of The Encounter erroneously states that Marco also possesses a bald eagle morph like Rachel. This is an inconsistency, as Marco's raptor morph is an osprey, and the inconsistency was rectified in the 2011 Relaunch reprint. However, Marco does acquire an eagle in The Beginning, although it was not specified whether it was a bald eagle. This eagle also served as Marco's final morph acquisition.


Elfangor eye closeup andalite chron "Someone took a picture of me? Not cool. Do you see what I'm wearing? I'm Spandex-boy. Totally not cool."

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