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"I was a bald eagle! A bird of prey that could spot darting fish beneath the surface of a river or lake at a thousand feet! A bird that could dive for that swimming fish – that moving target – and catch it, still alive and squirming, in my talons' strong grip."

The bald eagle is the national bird of the United States of America. An endangered and protected species, it is Rachel's primary raptor morph.


"Jake had a peregrine falcon morph we'd used before. Marco and Cassie had morphed ospreys. Rachel had been a bald eagle."

Rachel acquired a male bald eagle morph in The Visitor.


"Rachel went into her bald eagle morph. I've seen her do it many times before, of course, but for some reason this time it fascinated me. Is that the right word? No, it mesmerized me. [...] And watching her morph to eagle was like seeing her soul emerge through her flesh. [...] Was she more beautiful to me because she was a bird now? No, of course not. For one thing, eagles and hawks don't mate. For another, her eagle morph is male. But sometimes it seemed to me that this body suited her better than her own. Her own body misled people with superficial resemblances to the glossy images of magazine models. This body was Rachel: fast, strong, smart, intense, and dangerous."