"Like any scoop, it is mostly open, with only a small area covered by a semi-spherical roof. And in my case the scoop had to be very small so that I could fold the roof down and erase all visual evidence of it. I had only a few things in the scoop. A World Almanac that my friends had given me. A photograph of a delicious cinnamon bun. Some human clothing. And one other thing only recently acquired. One very important other thing that has changed my life. A television."

Ax's Scoop is a home that Aximili-Esgarrouth-Isthill built in the national forest surrounding Cassie's farm. After Marco faked his death, he moved into the scoop with Ax, forcing Ax to remodel and expand the scoop to accommodate Marco and his belongings. Shortly after, Ax relocated the scoop to the new Hork-Bajir Valley, where he chose to reside along with the other Animorphs.


Home on EarthEdit

"The others, Prince Jake, Cassie, Rachel, and Marco, all have homes and families. Only Tobias and I do not. Tobias lives in a meadow that is his territory. And I, until recently, did not even have that limited amount to call my own. But now I have made my life a bit more comfortable. I have constructed a sort of scoop – what we Andalites consider to be a home."

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"According to him, it was a smaller version of a typical Andalite home. He'd had to do some remodeling when Marco took up part-time residence with him. Now the scoop was bigger, with a little more enclosed space and a lot more clutter. Ax was an alien of few possessions. Some research-type books, pictures of his favorite human foods. Some computer equipment. His beloved television set. But Marco was a boy with lots of toys. And he kept a lot of them at the scoop. The rest of Marco's stuff was at his other home, the cabin he shared with his parents in the Hork-Bajir valley. When we'd rescued Marco's mom, we'd also had to rescue his dad. The Chee helped us stage his — and Marco's — "death." The family evacuated to the valley, and Marco stayed there whenever he could. But when he needed to be closer to us, closer to the war, he stayed here with Ax."
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Moving to the new Hork-Bajir ValleyEdit

"We were back home, in Ax's scoop in the Hork-Bajir valley."
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