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Inside cover picture where Ax in his human morph walks the halls of the Animorphs' school.

"Ax had long ago created a human morph out of DNA he'd acquired from the four of us. He was a weird blending of each of us. He was male, but sort of pretty in a weird way. He looked like a human. He basically was a human. But he still had a lot of problems adjusting to the human morph. For one thing, since Andalites have no mouth, he found his human mouth utterly fascinating. He couldn't help but play with the sounds of words."

Ax's Human Morph is the main human morph used by Aximili-Esgarrouth-Isthill. Using a process known as a Frolis Maneuver, Ax acquired and blended four DNA strands from thirteen-year old Jake, Rachel, Cassie and Marco to create a unique human morph.


"One of the first morphs I acquired on this planet was that of a human male, approximately the same age as my friends. In order to create that morph, I took DNA from Jake, Rachel, Cassie, and Marco — with their permission, of course — and combined it. So when I am in human morph, I am an odd composite of four people, the exact DNA replica of no one in particular. This is a compromise. A way around the Animorphs' reluctance to acquire and morph other sentient creatures without their permission."

Physical Appearance

"He was of medium height, a perfect balance between Rachel and Marco. He was of medium build, somewhere between Jake and Marco. His hair was brown, with just a little of Rachel's gold and a little of my curl. His skin was the color of light brown sugar, a blending of my brown and Marco's olive, and Jake and Rachel's pale white."



Ax morphing to human.

"It isn't that I don't enjoy certain elements of being human. There is taste. There is speech. There is the ability to go to a movie at the Cineplex. As long as the running time is less than two hours. It is just that... there is something too compelling about being a human, even for a short time. It makes me uncomfortable. It makes it seem as if I fit in here. It is a temptation."


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