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1st Animorphs audiobook

Audiobook cover to The Invasion

From January of 2020 to April of 2023, Scholastic released audiobook versions of every Animorphs book except for the Alternamorphs (not counting the graphic novels as they were adaptations of the original books or Meet the Stars of Animorphs, a behind the scenes book for the TV series). The audiobooks were produced by Mosaic Audio.

The main 54-book series was released at a rate of 2 a month from January of 2020 to May of 2023, with gaps at several points where no audiobooks were released. Following an announcement by Emily Ellet (narrator for Rachel), the Megamorphs and Chronicles books were also released in audiobook editions from September of 2023 to April of 2024 (no release occurred in January and 2 were released in March).

The covers are the same as the print/ebook covers (save for minor differences between print and ebook), with only changes to account for the square format of an audiobook cover vs. the rectangle format of print/ebook. The Relaunch covers of the first 8 books are not used although the productions themselves are based on the altered versions released as part of the Relaunch.

While the audiobooks are not full cast dramatizations (ie. one person does every voice in each book/chapter), each character gets their own narrator for the books/chapters they narrate.

Main series & Megamorphs narrators[]

In addition, all six narrators take turns narrating for the Megamorphs books and The Beginning, mirroring the format of these books. Similarly, The Departure, The Journey, and The Resistance all feature two narrators since separate characters narrate portions of each book (with Mark Bramhall narrating as Isaiah Fitzhenry in The Resistance). Because the covers credit all the narrators, this creates a spoiler not otherwise revealed on the original print/ebook covers.

Chronicles narrators[]

The Chronicles narrators are as follows:


  • Melissa Ellard - producer

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